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What Do Attendees Enjoy Most About Digital Government Institute Events?

Here's what they have to say:


Relevant Content from Expert Speakers discussing Best Practices

  • "There is always knowledge to be gained at these sessions – good discussions with many valid perspectives."
  • "The speakers were well informed and provided useful information immediately applicable to our needs."
  • "Provided good understanding of areas I work everyday."
  • "Fresh speakers who didn’t rehash old view points. Current, relevant topics, presented by knowledgeable speakers."
  • "Learned things that will be immediately applicable."
  • "A wealth of information on the topic from excellent speakers!"
  • "There was a broad spectrum of topics of interest."
  • I enjoyed "listening about best practices (what works) from NARA and other agencies."
  • "Excellent presenters. Enjoy attending these events because they provide a wealth of information."
  • "Very interesting; cutting edge topics."
  • "Outstanding, absolutely brilliant speakers."
  • "Excellent speakers aware of current complicated situations, but able to communicate future needs."
  • "Presentations based on extensive real-world experience."
  • "Good presentations from commercial and government perspective."
  • "All speakers provided insight I’ll take back to my organization."
  • "Excellent up-to-the-minute information from engaging speakers."
  • "Presenters did a great job explaining clearly the concepts."
  • I enjoyed "real world examples coupled with best practices."
  • "Not an infomercial for vendor products. Great to have government speakers that understand the Federal Government IT environment."
  • "I left having a good foundation of the topic and knowledge of what to do next."
  • "Great Speakers! The entire day exceeded expectations."
  • "Practical discussions and lessons learned on how others use tools."
  • "Excellent conference; Just about every speaker added to my understanding of the field and technologies available."
  • "Good mix of public and private sector viewpoints.  Technical detail was appropriate—not too simple, not too “in the weeds”."
  • "Q&A sessions – loved the press questions.  The caliber of speakers was very good."
  • "All sessions provided excellent information.  Very professional workshop."
  • "Format is perfect (smooth transitions, appropriate number of breaks), excellent quality of speakers."


Intimate Networking with Peers and Speakers

  • "It was enjoyable to meet with vendors and co-workers from my Agency and discuss new ideas. The future looks very bright for our customers."
  • I enjoyed "networking among other peers in various agencies."
  • "I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to learn from our fellow private and public sector colleagues in such an inviting environment facilitated by such an intellectually stimulating agenda."
  • "Keep up the great work. Great conference and opportunity to network with folks who have more experience."
  • "Networking opportunity; chance to hear the opportunities and concerns of other practitioners."
  • "Thanks for hosting this. Great opportunity to network and learn what other Federal Agencies are doing."
  • "Shared experiences and discussions at my table. Also, the info I received from my one-on-one networking discussion made the trip worthwhile."
  • "The presentations and discussions with others during lunch were enlightening and reassuring to hear similar challenges."
  • "Intimacy – ability to hear, see and converse with speakers."
  • "Networking – Met people who understood my confusion about KM and content management."
  • "Really enjoyed the table talk. We had a great conversation/discussion on improving customer service."
  • "Intimacy, feeling of community."
  • "Interaction with speakers and FEAC Faculty."
  • "The chance to meet people and network."
  • "The technical collaboration and exchange of ideas."
  • "The networking with fellow Government workers. Well organized."
  • "Ability to interact with others in the IPv6 implementation community."
  • "Shared Ideas. The networking -- the conversations."
  • "Speaking with counterparts who are working with a KM process/system."
  • "Excellent networking opportunity."


Free, Quality Events -- Better than Fee-Based Conferences

  • "More informative and value-add than some paid conferences."
  • "Excellent speakers and relevant topics; this was better than fee-based conferences."
  • "Thank you for treating civil servants like VIPs. I appreciate the free admission, and high caliber speakers. Content is equivalent to some graduate level courses I have taken."
  • "Great value for a free conference."
  • "Free—alleviates need to go through tedious process for training approval and payment."


Sponsor Exhibits Demonstrate Technology Applications

  • "Exhibits offered plenty of info on Cloud Computing."
  • "The vendors in attendance offered great advice and suggestions for best practices."
  • "Good to have the vendor booths and demos."
  • "The vendors were awesome and the networking was out of this world."


Additional Kudos

  • "I get so much information when I attend DGI’s events. It has been a good day."
  • "Thanks, Very Helpful. I have already started recommending some of your conferences to co-workers."
  • "Enjoyable, informative, access to Inter-Agency Contacts. Well organized, thank you DGI and sponsors."
  • "I thought this seminar was one of the better ones I attended. I really liked the format, with just one session at a time. I didn't feel like I had to miss anything."
  • "Thank you for a wonderful program."
  • "Thank you for hosting this event."
  • "Good food, relevant vendors, many really good data nuggets and approaches."
  • "The conference was great – good choices for speakers, relevant to public sector."
  • "The conference was very well organized; kudos to the DGI staff and committee."
  • "Very professional, yet relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
  • "Excellent and orderly conduct of conference."
  • "Great conference as always!"
  • "Thanks for this opportunity to bring these great speakers together to impart information."
  • "Very good overall.  Learned a lot."
  • "Loved it…right mix of Feds and Vendors, good info., convenient venue."
  • "Friendly people, the environment and most of all, the valuable information."
  • "Plan on seeing me at future conferences."
  • "Excellent and orderly conduct of symposium."
  • "Great topics and great conference!"


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