18th Year Anniversary
Event: Webinar: DCOI Made Easy: Colocation’s Role in Data Center Optimization
DCOI Made Easy: Colocation’s Role in Data Center Optimization 1-hour duration; On-Demand - available until June 16, 2017

Even with the change in the Oval Office, the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) and its recently mandated quarterly progress reports are here to stay. The 2018 deadlines are quickly approaching. Are you making progress on the stipulated consolidation, energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction and cloud goals?


If the answer is “no” or “not as much as I would like,” this webinar will show you how using Federal-ready colocation instead of traditional in-house data center solutions can help you get to DCOI compliance faster without sacrificing control, reliability or security. Additionally, we will talk about ancillary benefits that accompany the decision to go "colo" - reduced data center total cost of ownership, colocation provider economies of scale, and available technical human resources, hybrid IT enablement and on-demand scalability.


Register today to discover more about:

• Critical DCOI plan components
• Why colocation makes sense for DCOI
• How to vet Federal-ready colocation
• DCOI roadmap - timelines and milestones
• DCOI recommendations from industry experts



Chris Bair, Iron MountainChris Bair, Vice President, Iron Mountain Data Centers








Mike Lewis, Iron MountainMike Lewis, Vice President and GM, Iron Mountain Federal Services




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