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Technical Community: Cloud Computing & Data Center

With the Administration taking an increased interest in the federal government's move to cloud computing, this Technical Community will provide information access which outlines benefits and resources available.
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News Security in the cloud February 15, 2017 (published fcw.com)
IG reports hiccups in GSA's cloud adoption January 30, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Inside the Air Force's new use of commercial cloud November 29, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Cloud adoption slowed by culture, even with FedRAMP November 17, 2016 (published fcw.com)
GSA to Offer Cloud-Based Contract Writing System Next Year November 15, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
GAO to probe FedRAMP October 27, 2016 (published fcw.com)
IRS Dropped $12M on an Email System That It Couldn’t Use October 18, 2016 (published govexec.com)
U.S. CIO developing 'State of IT Report' to complement IT modernization legislation October 14, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
One of Air Force’s Most Important Unclassified Systems is Now in the Oracle Cloud October 12, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Geospatial-as-a-service isn't far off September 27, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Availability gives cloud the edge over dedicated machines September 14, 2016 (published gcn.com)
GSA assists agencies with data center consolidation September 12, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Why contract language matters with cloud September 13, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Exit Plans Should be Part of Cloud SLAs September 7, 2016 (published govtechworks.com)
Report: Cloud's long shadow darkens prospects for on-prem systems September 6, 2016 (published fcw.com)
VA expects movement on cloud acquisition this month September 2, 2016 (published fcw.com)
The perils and promise of software-defined data centers September 2, 2016 (published fcw.com)
CIA Official: ‘Cloud Has Been a Godsend’ August 12, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
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