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View the latest articles, events and resources available on what the federal government is doing to minimize and prevent cyber security threats.
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News Security in the cloud February 15, 2017 (published fcw.com)
GAO: NCCIC needs to clarify operating principles February 2, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Draft White House cyber order signals pending re-org January 27, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Exit Interview: Trevor Rudolph December 26, 2016 (published fcw.com)
NIST's new take on IoT security November 15, 2016 (published fcw.com)
NIST aims to boost ID ‘ecosystem’ to help end passwords October 11, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Army cyber advances in the face of policy challenges October 5, 2016 (published fcw.com)
New draft of cyber response plan nearly ready for release September 27, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Cyber Bill Would Let Agency Heads Be Fired If There’s a Data Breach September 21, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Workforce tops cyber commission to-do list September 19, 2016 (published fcw.com)
GAO says agency CISO roles are too fuzzy and often undermined September 16, 2016 (published fcw.com)
GSA retools Schedule 70 for cyber September 12, 2016 (published fcw.com)
White House Names First Chief Information Security Officer September 8, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Federal cybersecurity needs a paradigm shift August 12, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Mid-year Cybersecurity Trends Review: What You Need to Know to Mitigate Risk August 12, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Obama Establishes Cyberattack Response Chain of Command July 26, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
CTIIC chief: We're up and running July 22, 2016 (published fcw.com)
BYOD is evolving for a cyber-conscious age July 14, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Obama warns of U.S. weaknesses on cybersecurity July 11, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Foreign Government Hackers Are the Gravest and Most Common Threat, Agencies Say June 21, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
A mixed legacy on cyber for Obama May 18, 2016 (published fcw.com)
New FAR rule: contractors must keep government data secure May 18, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Hackers broke into hospitals despite software flaw warnings April 6, 2016 (published pbs.org)
Military Commands Tussle Over Cyber Power April 4, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
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