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Technical Community: Enterprise Architecture & DevOps/Agile

Find EA articles and resources available to assist in building a business-based framework for government-wide improvement.
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News VA shakes up infosec ranks February 2, 2017 (published fcw.com)
How the government IT shop is changing October 14, 2016 (published fcw.com)
How Enterprise Architecture Underpins Strategic Planning May 16, 2016 (published ciowatercooler)
There's lots of ambiguity in agencies' embrace of agile September 16, 2016 (published fcw.com)
EPA Opens Door to Small Businesses on Agile Software July 27, 2016 (published meritalk.com)
IT Showdown: Tech Giants Face Off Against 18F July 1, 2016 (published govtech.com)
  • Information Architecture Volume I “The Foundations” | Click Here
  • Information Architecture Volume II “Baseline Analysis Summary” | Click Here
  • Information Architecture Volume III “Guidance” | Click Here
  • Information Architecture Volume IV “Vision” | Click Here
  • Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework Version 1.1 | Click Here
  • Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Creating A Foundation for Business Execution | Click Here
  • DOE Corporate Systems Information Architecture (CSIA) | Click Here
  • A Practical Guide to Federal Enterprise Architecture Version 1.0 | Click Here
  • E-Gov Enterprise Architecture Guidance (Common Reference Model) Draft 2.0 | Click Here
  • Using Enterprise Architecture Planning in Government Version 2.1 | Click Here
  • Advancing Enterprise Architecture Maturity Version 2.0 | Click Here
  • The Common Approach to Enterprise Architecture | Click Here
  • The Federal EA Program Data Reference Model | Click Here
  • Test Your IT Portfolio IQ | Click Here
  • GAO Report: Agencies Need to Strengthen Oversight of Multibillion Dollar Investments in Operations and Maintenance | Click Here
  • GAO Report: Additional OMB and Agency Actions are Needed to Achieve Portfolio Savings | Click Here
  • GAO Report: OMB Needs to Improve Its Guidance on IT Investments | Click Here
  • Memo: OMB Head Sets Bold New Course for CIOs | Click Here
  • Government EA Success Stories | Click Here
  • Virtual Computing Environment Coalition: Vblock Infrastructure Packages | Click Here
  • The Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture | Click Here
  • Securing Government Private and Community Clouds | Click Here
  • Solution Brief: Taking Advantage of Cloud Computing | Click Here
  • Strategy Paper: Cutting the Cost of Government | Click Here
  • Federal Enterprise Architecture: OMB | Click Here
  • DoD Architecture Framework | Click Here
  • Chief Architects Forum | Click Here
  • Institute for Enterprise Architecture Developments | Click Here
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