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Technical Community: Government Customer Service

Find resources related to web services, and customer contact centers for the public sector.
Conferences Improving Digital Government Through IT Modernization March 16, 2017 Register Online Now
News Report: Busiest federal websites have big problems March 8, 2017 (published fcw.com)
5 Lessons From a Former Agency Customer Experience Leader February 10, 2017 (published nextgov.com)
The digital government Americans deserve February 6, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Most Citizens Want A ‘Siri’ For Government Services February 6, 2017 (published nextgov.com)
Citizens Hit New Level of Satisfaction with Federal Services in 2016, Survey Says February 1, 2017 (published nextgov.com)
What Mid-Size Cities Can Teach Feds About Performance November 18, 2016 (published govexec.com)
Tech That Will Change the Customer Experience Game November 14, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Automating the Citizen Experience in Government October 20, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Customer Service Matters in the Intelligence Community, Too October 11, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
CX Day In Government: How We All Shape The Customer Journey October 7, 2016 (published digitalgov.gov)
How mobile solutions can drive citizen engagement for government October 5, 2016 (published fcw.com)
How May I Help You? September 28, 2016 (published govexec.com)
OPM revamps USAJobs website for 20th anniversary September 13, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
How Branding Can Transform Government Customer Service September 7, 2016 (published govexec.com)
Report: Federal Government Has 'Near Monopoly' on Worst Customer Experience September 2, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
How to Delight Customers Through Public-Private Partnerships August 26, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Government Customer Service Teams Honored August 24, 2016
What’s next in shared services? – U.K. trends the U.S. should follow July 22, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Despite Improvements, Government Still Bottom of the Barrel in Customer Experience July 18, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Techies: In 5 years, chatbots could become a govt customer service norm July 12, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
What’s Key to Driving Better Citizen Experience? July 12, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
3 Ways to Fight the Forces Opposing Better Federal Customer Experience June 2, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
You May Be Doing Customer Service All Wrong April 15, 2016 (published govexec.com)
Making social media monitoring matter March 31, 2016 (published fcw.com)
OMB Creates Inter-Agency Customer Service Council March 31, 2016 (published govexec.com)
Are federal web sites too subtle? March 17, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Seven Steps to Becoming a CX Leader in Government February 29, 2016 (published govexec.com)
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