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Technical Communities

DGI's Technical Communities provide valuable resources to communities looking for more "knowledge" on the most important topics for government IT managers.  Links to industry articles, white papers, user groups, associations, and other helpful resources are aggregated in each of these Technical Communities.

930gov End-of-Year Intelligence
Review resources to assist fiscal year-end strategic planning, including relevant technology trends, issues, policies and solutions from the current year, and opportunities to prepare for the next fiscal year.
Big Data & Knowledge Management
Access resources available to help the public sector more effectively manage, share, analyze and store massive volumes of data and information across government operations.
Cloud Computing & Data Center
With the Administration taking an increased interest in the federal government's move to cloud computing, this Technical Community will provide information access which outlines benefits and resources available.
Cyber Security
View the latest articles, events and resources available on what the federal government is doing to minimize and prevent cyber security threats.
E-Discovery, Records & Information Management
Review resources available to help government professionals manage, access, inventory, and organize all forms of Electronically Stored Information.
Enterprise Architecture & DevOps/Agile
Find EA articles and resources available to assist in building a business-based framework for government-wide improvement.
Government Customer Service
Find resources related to web services, and customer contact centers for the public sector.
Learn more about the business applications and considerations available with IPv6 and next generation networks.
Wireless and Mobile Technology
Learn more about the technology available to help support wireless and mobile applications for the public sector.
Industry Partners

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