17th Year Anniversary
930gov: Practical Learning for a 21st-century Government
August 10,2015

By Mike Smoyer, President, DGI

Whether you work in government IT, acquisition, or in a management role, there is no denying that the tools and techniques you use to get the job done are rapidly evolving.  The variety of modern practices we use to deliver services more effectively and efficiently expands every week, and it’s often a challenge to stay fully tuned-in as we work to solve problems, support agency missions, and address customer needs.  As 21st-century consumers, employees, and public servants, we need all the help we can get as we make strategic buying decisions regarding the tools and techniques we need to get the job done.


On August 26, the third annual 930gov Training Symposium and Expo kicks off in Washington, D.C., and it’s an event you don’t want to miss.  930gov is the end-of-year learning exchange for government IT, management, and acquisition professionals.  Before I run through the reasons that you should absolutely attend, let me outline the reasons you have no excuse to miss out on this game-changing experience:  it’s free, and it’s a one-day, multi-track conference.  If you could help your organization make better strategic technology buying decisions after just one day of learning, why wouldn’t you?


If you’re already onboard, you can register here.  If you need more, read on:


Not only will top vendors and community thought leaders on site help you prepare for next year’s technology decisions, but you’ll also gain access to dozens of sessions across five technical tracks, ensuring session options deeply relevant to all attendees based on specific organizational needs. 


The unique value-add of 930gov is it convenes five existing government communities and enables attendees to connect, exchange, and gather ideas with leaders from all five communities in one location.  Everyone from help desk support to Executive Leadership will find something valuable in the range of comprehensive programs stocked with highly curated, relevant content. 


The best part?  All substance and zero marketing fluff.  930gov programs are focused on providing technology and service providers a space to engage with technical communities in a productive, authentic way.  Our featured speakers aren’t there to deliver marketing speak and sound bites – they’re there to guide attendees toward the practical application of standards and methods that will actually make a difference.  They are there to cover relevant, current issues tied to everything from cybersecurity to the government customer service experience. 


Here are just a few of the sessions you can look forward to attending:

  • Top 5 Security Tactics to Implement Today
  • IPv6 Pulse Check – End FY’15 Status Update
  • C-Suite Meets Information Governance
  • CKO Panel – What’s Working, What Needs Improvement
  • Alternative Higher Education Opportunities – A Global Perspective
  • The Future of the Government Customer Service Experience


Interested in who you’ll hear from?  Our featured speakers include:

  • Tony Scott, OMB
  • Casey Kelley, GSA
  • Col. Linda Jantzen, Army
  • Mark Patrick, United States Department of Defense
  • Elizabeth Christie, DIA
  • Paul Wester, NARA
  • John Fitzpatrick, NARA
  • Marion Georgieff, United States Secret Service
  • Cynthia Hilsinger, Navy Medicine Professional Development Center
  • Dave Terry, Oracle
  • Patrick Conway, United States Army
  • Susie Adams, Microsoft Federal


This is truly a game-changing event worth your time and attention.  The return you will see for your organization after just 24 hours is rare and valuable. 


Still have questions?   Email info@digitalgovernment.com


Ready to join us?  Register here

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