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News: NARA: More agencies than expected missed 2016 email deadline March 22, 2017 (published fcw.com)
How investing in technology can transform government and cut costs March 14, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Report: Busiest federal websites have big problems March 8, 2017 (published fcw.com)
IT modernization is just the beginning March 3, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Security in the cloud February 15, 2017 (published fcw.com)
After the award: How to make contracts deliver February 14, 2017 (published fcw.com)
5 Lessons From a Former Agency Customer Experience Leader February 10, 2017 (published nextgov.com)
Most Citizens Want A ‘Siri’ For Government Services February 6, 2017 (published nextgov.com)
The digital government Americans deserve February 6, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Modernizing Government IT—By Looking to the Private Sector February 3, 2017 (published nextgov.com)
Does the U.S. have new clout over the global internet? February 2, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Make 2017 the Year of a Digital-First Federal Government February 2, 2017 (published nextgov.com)
VA shakes up infosec ranks February 2, 2017 (published fcw.com)
GAO: NCCIC needs to clarify operating principles February 2, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Citizens Hit New Level of Satisfaction with Federal Services in 2016, Survey Says February 1, 2017 (published nextgov.com)
IG reports hiccups in GSA's cloud adoption January 30, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Draft White House cyber order signals pending re-org January 27, 2017 (published fcw.com)
Tapping Government’s Biggest Asset—Knowledge December 29, 2016 (published govexec.com)
Exit Interview: Trevor Rudolph December 26, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Email management deadline looms December 22, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Advice for the next administration December 14, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Inside the Air Force's new use of commercial cloud November 29, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
NARA names new FOIA ombudsman November 28, 2016 (published fcw.com)
What Mid-Size Cities Can Teach Feds About Performance November 18, 2016 (published govexec.com)
Cloud adoption slowed by culture, even with FedRAMP November 17, 2016 (published fcw.com)
NIST's new take on IoT security November 15, 2016 (published fcw.com)
GSA to Offer Cloud-Based Contract Writing System Next Year November 15, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Tech That Will Change the Customer Experience Game November 14, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
The Progress and Pitfalls of Government's Open Data Efforts November 2, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Can small agencies piggyback on modernization plans? November 2, 2016 (published fcw.com)
GAO to probe FedRAMP October 27, 2016 (published fcw.com)
GSA Organizing New Artificial Intelligence Group October 20, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Automating the Citizen Experience in Government October 20, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
GSA Wants a Digital Federal Staff Directory October 20, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
IRS Dropped $12M on an Email System That It Couldn’t Use October 18, 2016 (published govexec.com)
It's Time to Reform OMB, Experts Say October 14, 2016 (published govexec.com)
U.S. CIO developing 'State of IT Report' to complement IT modernization legislation October 14, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Modernization guidance from ACT-IAC October 14, 2016 (published fcw.com)
How the government IT shop is changing October 14, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Why Big Data is a Big Deal for Government Leaders October 13, 2016 (published govexec.com)
One of Air Force’s Most Important Unclassified Systems is Now in the Oracle Cloud October 12, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Getting Your (Transition) Story Straight October 11, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
NIST aims to boost ID ‘ecosystem’ to help end passwords October 11, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Customer Service Matters in the Intelligence Community, Too October 11, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
CX Day In Government: How We All Shape The Customer Journey October 7, 2016 (published digitalgov.gov)
Army cyber advances in the face of policy challenges October 5, 2016 (published fcw.com)
SEWP to pilot 'CIO Portal' for purchasing data October 5, 2016 (published fcw.com)
How mobile solutions can drive citizen engagement for government October 5, 2016 (published fcw.com)
How the 'Data Cabinet' Could Break Down Project Barriers September 28, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
How May I Help You? September 28, 2016 (published govexec.com)
The true source of innovation in federal IT September 27, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Geospatial-as-a-service isn't far off September 27, 2016 (published fcw.com)
How Data is Radically Changing the Federal Government September 27, 2016 (published govexec.com)
New draft of cyber response plan nearly ready for release September 27, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Cyber Bill Would Let Agency Heads Be Fired If There’s a Data Breach September 21, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Workforce tops cyber commission to-do list September 19, 2016 (published fcw.com)
There's lots of ambiguity in agencies' embrace of agile September 16, 2016 (published fcw.com)
GAO says agency CISO roles are too fuzzy and often undermined September 16, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Availability gives cloud the edge over dedicated machines September 14, 2016 (published gcn.com)
Why contract language matters with cloud September 13, 2016 (published fcw.com)
OPM revamps USAJobs website for 20th anniversary September 13, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
GSA retools Schedule 70 for cyber September 12, 2016 (published fcw.com)
FOIA Litigation Is Rising, and the Cost Is Unclear September 12, 2016 (published govexec.com)
GSA assists agencies with data center consolidation September 12, 2016 (published fcw.com)
White House Names First Chief Information Security Officer September 8, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Report: Government Mobility Spending Lags Behind Private Sector September 7, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
How Branding Can Transform Government Customer Service September 7, 2016 (published govexec.com)
Exit Plans Should be Part of Cloud SLAs September 7, 2016 (published govtechworks.com)
A sobering take on government contractors September 6, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Report: Cloud's long shadow darkens prospects for on-prem systems September 6, 2016 (published fcw.com)
The perils and promise of software-defined data centers September 2, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Report: Federal Government Has 'Near Monopoly' on Worst Customer Experience September 2, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
VA expects movement on cloud acquisition this month September 2, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Why agencies must work harder to prep for IOT security August 31, 2016 (published fcw.com)
How to Delight Customers Through Public-Private Partnerships August 26, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
GWACs ride the tide of popularity August 25, 2016 (published fcw.com)
POTUS social media to reset with new administration August 24, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Government Customer Service Teams Honored August 24, 2016
IQBG to Exhibit at 930gov Conference & Tradeshow August 22, 2016
NTIA wants to know IoT address needs August 18, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Mid-year Cybersecurity Trends Review: What You Need to Know to Mitigate Risk August 12, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
CIA Official: ‘Cloud Has Been a Godsend’ August 12, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Federal cybersecurity needs a paradigm shift August 12, 2016 (published fcw.com)
GSA releases fast-lane FedRAMP template August 9, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Part of the Federal Cloud That Stopped Growing August 8, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
EPA Opens Door to Small Businesses on Agile Software July 27, 2016 (published meritalk.com)
Obama Establishes Cyberattack Response Chain of Command July 26, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
OMB's new one-stop shop for digital services July 26, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Lack of IoT leadership is hurting agencies — report July 26, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Why Federal Agencies Won’t Take Up the Internet of Things Anytime Soon July 26, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
IG Calls Out Federal Acquisition Service Over IT Resellers July 25, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
CTIIC chief: We're up and running July 22, 2016 (published fcw.com)
What’s next in shared services? – U.K. trends the U.S. should follow July 22, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
DoJ prompts agencies to get the ball rolling on new FOIA law July 19, 2016 (published federalnewsradio.com)
A Majority of Federal Employees Think the Justice Department Gave Clinton Special Treatment in Email Probe July 19, 2016 (published govexec.com)
Despite Improvements, Government Still Bottom of the Barrel in Customer Experience July 18, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
New bill calls for agency-specific IT modernization funds July 14, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Tech hasn't fixed FOIA yet July 14, 2016 (published fcw.com)
BYOD is evolving for a cyber-conscious age July 14, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Deltek: Federal IT Spending To Remain Flat Over Next 5 Years July 13, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Meadows bill puts teeth in records enforcement July 13, 2016 (published fcw.com)
What’s Key to Driving Better Citizen Experience? July 12, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Techies: In 5 years, chatbots could become a govt customer service norm July 12, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
VA looks to NITAAC for cloud July 11, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Government’s Impending Technology Crisis July 11, 2016 (published govexec.com)
Obama warns of U.S. weaknesses on cybersecurity July 11, 2016 (published fcw.com)
IT Showdown: Tech Giants Face Off Against 18F July 1, 2016 (published govtech.com)
Obama signs FOIA Improvement Act into law June 30, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Social confusion -- looming records mandates and social media June 24, 2016 (published fcw.com)
DHS to Host Industry Day for Agile June 24, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Amazon Web Services Achieves FedRAMP High Authorization June 23, 2016
Why small bites make sense for cloud June 21, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Foreign Government Hackers Are the Gravest and Most Common Threat, Agencies Say June 21, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Nuxeo Secures $10 Million to Accelerate Global Rollout of Content and Digital Asset Management Platform June 8, 2016
3 Ways to Fight the Forces Opposing Better Federal Customer Experience June 2, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
No IoT without IPv6 May 19, 2016 (published computerworld.com)
FCC wants a chief data officer May 18, 2016 (published fcw.com)
A mixed legacy on cyber for Obama May 18, 2016 (published fcw.com)
House Panel Clears Bill to Revamp Program Management May 18, 2016 (published govexec.com)
New FAR rule: contractors must keep government data secure May 18, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
How Enterprise Architecture Underpins Strategic Planning May 16, 2016 (published ciowatercooler)
CFOs, CIOs learning the new lingo of efficient IT May 13, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Microsoft Outlook — An Attack Vector for Federal Agencies May 12, 2016 (published govexec.com)
REI Systems Awarded NASA Agency-Wide Technical and Advisory Support Services (A-TASS) Contract May 11, 2016
Ohio’s massive cloud migration pays off May 6, 2016 (published gcn.com)
Skyhigh Networks Achieves FedRAMP Compliance May 3, 2016
What getting to agile looks like from the trenches May 2, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Reporter’s Notebook: Goodrich Pins CSPs’ FedRAMP Frustrations on Companies’ Sales Failures May 2, 2016 (published meritalk.com)
How to approach post-award management of agile contracts April 25, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Solving the email management crisis April 22, 2016 (published ethicalboardroom.com)
Contracting for agile April 15, 2016 (published fcw.com)
You May Be Doing Customer Service All Wrong April 15, 2016 (published govexec.com)
Some agencies will miss 2016 email management deadline April 14, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Group calls for FOIA reform after report shows requests overwhelm DoD April 12, 2016 (published fiercegovernmentIT.com)
DHS warns on cyber risks of open source April 12, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Halvorsen outlines push to close data centers April 11, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Hackers broke into hospitals despite software flaw warnings April 6, 2016 (published pbs.org)
NOAA is Hosting More Weather Data in the Cloud April 5, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
CIA drops plan to destroy most email records April 5, 2016 (published fiercegovernmentIT.com)
Next steps in the evolution of software development April 5, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Military Commands Tussle Over Cyber Power April 4, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
You’ve Heard of the Internet of Things. Here’s What Comes Next. March 31, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
OMB Creates Inter-Agency Customer Service Council March 31, 2016 (published govexec.com)
As Clock Ticks, Appointees Try to Keep Career Feds Focused on Obama's Goals March 31, 2016 (published govexec.com)
GSA seeks input on cloud services contract March 31, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Making social media monitoring matter March 31, 2016 (published fcw.com)
2 Out of 3 Developers Are Self-Taught March 30, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
GAO hits IRS (again) over bad IT security March 28, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Homeland Security Building a Massive Database To Track Cyberattacks March 28, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
DOD updates cloud requirements guide March 28, 2016 (published fcw.com)
How Clinton’s email scandal took root March 27, 2016 (published washingtonpost.com)
White House Says Agencies Reported 77,200 Cyber Incidents in 2015 March 21, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
FISMA report shows pain, few gains March 21, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Beefed-Up FOIA Offices Trim Backlog of Requests Governmentwide March 18, 2016 (published govexec.com)
These 6 Agencies are Wizards at Closing Data Centers March 18, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
How a BYOD Telework Policy Could Put Your Agency at Risk March 18, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Are federal web sites too subtle? March 17, 2016 (published fcw.com)
3 keys to data center consolidation March 17, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Cloud Giant Amazon Web Services Turns 10 March 15, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Analytics key to agencies in big data explosion March 10, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Report: Almost Half of IT Migrations Doomed to Fail March 10, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Beating FISMA Stigma: 3 Steps to Reduce Friction Between IT Managers and IGs March 10, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
5 Charts that Show Where the Federal IT Budget is Headed Next Year March 8, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Survey: Most IT Execs Say Their Companies Can Only Handle ‘Simple’ Cyberincidents March 8, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
What’s happening in agile March 8, 2016 (published fcw.com)
RSA wrapup: Private sector feels burned by feds March 7, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
EPA’s data chief embraces ‘lean’ philosophy March 7, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Pentagon releases cyber implementation plan March 7, 2016 (published fcw.com)
CDM-as-a-service great, but what next? March 4, 2016 (published fcw.com)
GAO: Closed Data Centers Will Save Feds at Least $8B March 4, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Fed, state, local IT leaders launch agile academy March 4, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
The 'Fix FedRAMP' crowd agitates for change March 3, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Most CISOs Lack Direct Line to the Boss March 3, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
GAO cites progress and challenges on FDCCI March 3, 2016 (published fcw.com)
DHS cyber official: Federal CISO needs legal authority March 3, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Welcome to the postcloud future March 1, 2016 (published infoworld.com)
Seven Steps to Becoming a CX Leader in Government February 29, 2016 (published govexec.com)
5 Cultural Shifts Agile Brings to Agencies February 29, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
DHS Says: No Need for $675M Cyber Contract. We’ve Already Got It under Control. February 26, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Oversight Chairman: $3 Billion IT Upgrade Fund ‘Hogwash’ February 26, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Only 3 Percent of Federal Job Ads Contain the Word 'Customer' February 26, 2016 (published by nextgov.com)
Is Your Agency Trying to Improve Customer Service? Don’t Overlook These Key Factors. February 24, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
A Faster FedRAMP Coming Soon? February 24, 2016 (published by nextgov.com)
Clinton Email Issues Shake Up State Dept. FOIA Operations February 24, 2016 (published govexec.com)
The right way to combine cloud and devops February 23, 2016 (published infoworld.com)
Reports Suggest Divide Between Government and Customers it Serves February 22, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
What separates big data ‘thrivers’ from ‘survivors’? February 22, 2016 (published GCN.com)
NARA gets a jump on 2020 deadline for social media archiving February 19, 2016 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
Big hitter cyber firms launch new policy coalition February 18, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
NARA looks to lead on social media archiving February 18, 2016 (published fcw.com)
IRS moves on digitizing records February 12, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Lightweight laptop headed for standard configuration list February 12, 2016 (published fcw.com)
FedRAMP and CDM offer a unified path to security in the cloud February 12, 2016 (published fcw.com)
IT modernization fund won't impinge on Schedule 70 February 10, 2016 (published fcw.com)
OMB taps ex-HP exec as IT category manager February 10, 2016 (published fcw.com)
FTC in no rush to regulate Internet of Things February 9, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Obama establishes Federal Privacy Council February 9, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Do You Have What It Takes to be the Federal Government’s Chief Information Security Officer? February 9, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
White House Wants to Give Agencies New Pot of Money to Upgrade Legacy IT February 9, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Open Government Agencies, what's up with your FOIAs? February 5, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Will Automation Threaten Security Jobs? February 4, 2016 (published govinfosecurity.com)
Brand Niemann, early data scientist, dead at 74 February 4, 2016 (published fcw.com)
What Will OMB's New Requirements Do for Federal Customer Service? January 28, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
Are Slack Messages Subject to FOIA Requests? January 27, 2016 (published TheAtlantic.com)
Global public cloud market expected to hit $204B in 2016 January 26, 2016 (published computerworld.com)
How to Leverage a Service-Oriented Architecture? January 25, 2016 (published ModernGov)
Don’t Ask for Permission to Use Agile. Just Start Doing It. January 25, 2016 (published nextgov.com)
GSA to launch new cloud contract by close of fiscal year 2016 January 25, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
IPv6 and DNSSEC Are Respectively 20 and 19 Years Old. Same Fight and Challenges? January 25, 2016 (published circleID.com)
The Interplay between Proportionality and Information Governance January 25, 2016 (published driven-inc.com)
The Promise of Connectivity at CES Means Nothing Without IPv6 January 15, 2016 (published circleID.com)
Testimonials in congressional FOIA report point to administration influence, exemption overuse, noncompliance with processing rules January 12, 2016 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
GSA begins planning for new cloud support portfolio January 12, 2016 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
Report: Cyber response executive order in the works January 12, 2016 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
DNI announces CTIIC leadership January 7, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Polluting the Corporate Environment with Employee Use of Personal Clouds January 7, 2016 (published driven-inc.com)
SBA slow to improve IT security, watchdog says January 6, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Microsoft ending support for older versions of Internet Explorer January 6, 2016 (published fedscoop.com)
Secret plan shows the IRS wants to ‘get out of the business of talking with taxpayers,’ advocate says January 6, 2016 (published washingtonpost.com)
NITAAC cuts fees on its IT contracts January 6, 2016 (published fcw.com)
GSA's Citizen Services get high marks in survey, but 'ease of use' lags January 5, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Why agencies don't know what they spend on IT January 5, 2016 (published fcw.com)
IG blasts DOD CIO for lack of cloud metrics January 4, 2016 (published fcw.com)
Smart homes, cyber security, and the Internet of Things: Five trends at CES 2016 January 4, 2016 (published it business.ca)
GSA tests new customer experience index December 30, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
Will 2016 be the year the government gets email under control? December 23, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Coming in 2016: Cloud Legislation December 22, 2015 (published fcw.com)
New cyber bill mandates 20+ reports from executive branch December 17, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
NIST wants to know how cybersecurity framework is used December 11, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Clapper memo outlines ICITE architecture December 11, 2015 (published fcw.com)
PSC breaks cloud adoption down to 6 steps for CIOs December 11, 2015 (published fiercegovernmentIT.com)
DOD looking to put classified data in commercial cloud December 11, 2015 (published fcw.com)
OMB Preps New Policy on Data Centers December 10, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Survey: Agencies love the NIST cybersecurity framework December 8, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
Agile comes with pressure and pain December 8, 2015 (published fcw.com)
A-130 feedback urges more emphasis on commercial cloud in IT policy revisions December 7, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Big Data Is Big News, Especially in State Governments December 7, 2015 (published routefifty.com)
Secret To Enterprise IT Success: Reorganize December 7, 2015 (published informationweek.com)
DHS to Meet with Tech Companies in Silicon Valley Next Week December 3, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Why the U.S. Postal Service Has the Best Customer Service in Government December 3, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
GSA piloting agencywide data cloud December 3, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
NIST's Ron Ross on baking security into the government's software systems December 2, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
State Department on the Hunt for Electronic System to Manage Emails December 2, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
'Agile' means different things across DHS December 1, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Internet migrates to new protocol as it runs out of IP addresses November 30, 2015 (published virginiabusiness.com)
Can Tony Scott get it all done? November 24, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Senate Clears Bill to Improve Management of Federal Programs November 20, 2015 (published govexec.com)
Critical infrastructure regulators need to improve cyber metrics November 20, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Improving statements of work to improve contract management November 20, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Why legacy IT is a government time bomb November 16, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Customer engagement efforts to vary widely across government in 2016, says Forrester November 16, 2015 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
Cloud is powering enterprise transformation, Verizon report says November 13, 2015 (published fcw.com)
The Government Found Another 2,000 Data Centers November 12, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
The 5 Key Traits of a Successful Digital Government Strategy November 10, 2015 (published by nextgov.com)
Shared services need a clearer road map November 9, 2015 (published fcw.com)
NIST's 5 Steps to Block Unwanted Software on Agency Systems November 6, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
DHS Secretary remains focused on E3A, CDM programs November 5, 2015 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
All the Deadlines in the White House’s New Cyber To-Do List November 3, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
DISA's changed cloud broker role 1 year later November 3, 2015 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
Q&A: How the Postal Service Thinks It Can Predict the Next Cyber Breach November 3, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
FITARA report card day will not be pleasant for many agencies November 3, 2015 (published federalnewsradio.com)
Organization, culture and resources: Making it work for records management November 2, 2015 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
Tony Scott drops the new federal cyber strategy October 30, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Latest Obama Transparency Plan Seeks Improved Email Recordkeeping October 29, 2015 (published govexec.com)
Cloud Migration Best Practices for Federal Agencies October 28, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
White House touts new open government goals for 2016 October 28, 2015 (published fcw.com)
GSA’s Customer Experience Credo: Be a Good Listener October 27, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
'If you're slow, then you're in deep, deep trouble' October 27, 2015 (published fcw.com)
GSA, OMB announce plans to create central shared services governing bodies October 26, 2015 (published fiercegovernmentIT.com)
Rung: Inaugural IT acquisition cadre starts work this week October 26, 2015 (published fiercegovernmentIT.com)
GSA issues RFP for EIS telecom contract October 16, 2015 (published fcw.com)
New 'Critical Controls' framework out October 16, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
OMB bars new desktop, laptop contracts October 16, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Press Release: Information Governance Initiative Publishes Industry’s Most Comprehensive Research Report October 15, 2015 (published iginitiative.com)
HHS fraud teams turn page in big data movement October 15, 2015 (published FederalNewsRadio.com)
OPM security chief: You're gonna need a bigger boat October 15, 2015 (published fcw.com)
OMB and GSA Tout Progress in Federal Agencies ‘Buying as One’ October 15, 2015 (published govexec.com)
Smiley faces come to federal government customer service October 15, 2015 (published fcw.com)
18F Takes on 'Micropurchasing' Experiment October 14, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
A Blueprint for Building a Cyber Defense Team October 14, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
White House Creates New Leadership Group to Help Execute Final Agency Goals October 14, 2015 (published govexec.com)
Cloud.gov: 18F's platform for federal cloud development October 9, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
How we talk about the cloud shapes the way we perceive internet privacy October 7, 2015 (published theguardian.com)
How feds helped Amazon make cloud 'the new normal' October 7, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
Cobert: Customer-facing services require finesse October 7, 2015 (published fcw.com)
A Good Social Media Response Decision Tree for Local Governments (Or, Really Anyone) October 7, 2015 (published routefifty.com)
18F builds cloud platform, FirstNet tweaks RFP and more October 2, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Navy establishes permanent cyber division October 2, 2015 (published fcw.com)
$50B federal telecom RFP coming in mid-October October 2, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Final IPv4 addresses in free pool issued October 1, 2015 (published fiercegovernmentIT.com)
How to Better Prepare Your Company for Litigation and eDiscovery September 29, 2015 (published huffingtonpost.com)
GWACs pull in billions on IT orders as fiscal year winds down September 25, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Some Legacy IT in Government Is so Old, It’s 'Indefensible,’ Official Says September 22, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Agency Data Chiefs on the Move -- Some Out of Government September 22, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Overcoming Obstacles to Creating a Culture of Learning September 22, 2015 (published govexec.com)
Cloud companies to agencies: Help us help you September 22, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
Enterprise Government: Don’t Go It Alone! September 22, 2015 (published govexec.com)
Johnson: DHS makes good on CDM promise September 21, 2015 (published FCW.com)
‘Appalling’ Is the Right Word for the Civil Service System September 21, 2015 (published govexec.com)
Acquisition: Knowing enough to ask the right questions September 18, 2015 (published FCW.com)
IPv6 will get a big boost from iOS 9, Facebook says September 15, 2015 (published networkworld.com)
NARA Re-evaluating Deadline for Agency Email Records Management Systems, Official Says August 31, 2015 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
Federal CIO Plots to Counter ‘Severe Talent Shortage' August 28, 2015 (published FederalNewsRadio.com)
Tony Scott: IT O&M Spend Exceeds Platform Development August 28, 2015 (published ExecutiveGov.com)
Tony Scott: OMB Reviewing Agencies’ IT Procurement Reform Action Plans August 28, 2015 (published ExecutiveGov.com)
Tips for Federal Transition to IPv6 August 27, 2015 (published FederalTimes.com)
Federal CIO Gives Agencies B-plus on FITARA Plans August 27, 2015 (published FederalTimes.com)
Why Federal CIO Tony Scott Hates the End-of-Year IT Spending Spree August 27, 2015 (published Nextgov.com)
Tony Scott Eyes Plans to Institutionalize Cybersecurity Sprint, CyberStat August 27, 2015 (published ExecutiveGov.com)
Relationships Key To Successful Year-End Spending August 27, 2015 (published FederalTimes.com)
Attention Feds: Those Texts, Tweets and Snapchats Just Might Be Records August 26, 2015 (Published FCW.com)
Tony Scott Says IT Spending 'Headed the Wrong Way' August 26, 2015 (published FCW.com)
GAO, IGs will institutionalize cybersecurity sprint, says Tony Scott August 26, 2015 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
Federal CIO: Cybersecurity Policies Lacked ‘Urgency’ Before OPM Hack August 26, 2015 (published Nextgov.com)
Federal records managers should be more engaged in cybersecurity work, says NARA official August 26, 2015 (published FierceGovernmentIT.com)
Can Phaedra Chrousos move the needle at GSA? August 11, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Scott: FITARA marks sea change for IT August 11, 2015 (published fcw.com)
NIST identifies objectives for cyber standards August 11, 2015 (published fcw.com)
930gov: Practical Learning for a 21st-century Government August 10, 2015 By Mike Smoyer
Finding security in the cloud August 7, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Senate heads to recess with a cyber dud August 6, 2015 (published federalnewsradio.com)
GSA launches customer service feedback program August 6, 2015 (published FierceGovernment.com)
The Road to Improving Customer Experience for Veterans August 5, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
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Need a Use Case for Cloud? Look to FCC July 22, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
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NASA's top watchdog talks IT July 17, 2015 (published fcw.com)
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There Were 8.8M Calls the IRS Didn’t Even Try to Answer in 2015 July 16, 2015 (published govexec.com)
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2015 Mid-Year E-Discovery Update July 15, 2015 (published gibsondunn.com)
Yes, There Will be a Federal Spending Spree this Fall July 15, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
CSIS, lawmakers launch cyber task force for next president July 15, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Justice Department Plans Major Office Tech Upgrade July 13, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Here's Everything the White House Says It's Done on Cyber in 2015 July 13, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
The Startup Shakeup: Can Small, Innovative Companies Break Into DC Contracting Scene? July 13, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Boosting employees' security awareness July 10, 2015 (published fcw.com)
A successful cyber sprint, with a questionable finish line July 10, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Agencies Launch FOIA Pilot July 10, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
DOD CIO: We Need to Consider Legal Issues Around Mobility July 10, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Let's talk about Alliant 2 July 9, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Clinton Spins Immigration, Emails July 8, 2015 (published factcheck.org)
While Clinton ran private email system, State got high marks for managing records July 8, 2015 (published fcw.com)
For Agencies, Chief Data Officers are All About Business July 8, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
DHS Launches Federal Government's First FOIA App July 7, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Justice Updates FOIA Guidance to Confirm Requesters Still Care July 6, 2015 (published govexec.com)
For NOAA, flexible cloud enables mammoth computing July 2, 2015 (published fcw.com)
CIO Scott seeks new framework for government cloud June 30, 2015 (published fcw.com)
FCC Gives IBM Green Light to Operate New Cloud Services June 25, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Can a one-person data shop make a difference? June 24, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Whatever Happened to Knowledge Management? June 24, 2015 (published blogs.wsj.com)
IT pros blast Google over Android’s refusal to play nice with IPv6 June 23, 2015 (published networkworld.com)
Valuing cybersecurity outcomes instead of oversight June 19, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Government lags in point-of-contact satisfaction June 17, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Tight budgets can fuel innovation, say top IT leaders June 16, 2015 (published fcw.com)
CIO Scott: IT reform is 'different' this time June 16, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Why precision attacks succeed, and what agencies need to know June 12, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Predictions for the future of cloud are sky-high June 12, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Of garden hoses, tennis bracelets and FedRAMP June 10, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Agencies Spend Big on Cloud This Year June 10, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Frankencloud: The Monster That's Killing Business June 10, 2015 (published entrepreneur.com)
Knowledge transfer through discovery June 9, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Spires: Some agencies will struggle with FITARA implementation June 9, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Security experts: OPM breach shows Einstein isn't enough June 5, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Who knows what IT lurks in the hearts of feds? June 3, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
"Our problems are not in technology - we have plenty of it - rather it is not having..." May 28, 2015 (published on linkedin.com)
USMC Colonel Calls for Shakeup of Cyber Structure May 28, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Bolstering CX in Government Makes 'Fundemental Business Sense' May 22, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Email Records Cloud: On the Horizon for National Archives? May 22, 2015 (published fedscoop.com)
SBA Wants to Know How Big Data Affects Small Business May 22, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Hiring, Firing, Pay and Training -- It All Needs Fixing, says Panel May 20, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Cracking Down on Poor Cyber Hygiene May 20, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Government Outpacing Private Sector in IPv6 Adoption, Officials Say May 18, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
Why Acquisition Reforms Fall Short May 18, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Want to Drive Amazing Customer Service? Follow These 7 Steps May 17, 2015 (published thetonyjohnson.com)
Air Force makes more NETCENTS-2 awards May 15, 2015 (published fcw.com)
When search knows what you need May 15, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
A few agencies need to up their game on records May 15, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Chinese Hackers Force Penn State to Unplug Engineering Computers May 15, 2015 (Published at bloomberg.com)
Top 10 Sessions from Interop Las Vegas May 15, 2015 (published informationweek.com)
Metadata is the missing ingredient in agencies' move to electronic record keeping, watchdog says May 15, 2015 (published nextgov.com)
'Big Win' for Big Brother: NSA Celebrates the Bill That's Designed to Cuff Them May 14, 2015 (Published thedailybeast.com)
Interview: Matt Goodrich on FedRAMP in the Year Ahead, Cloud Barriers at Agencies May 14, 2015 (published executivegov.com)
Cloud brokers, the sequel May 11, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Rep. Connolly wants you to tell him a story May 8, 2015 (published by FCW.com)
How big data helped fix Healthcare.gov's UX problem May 7, 2015 (published by fedscoop)
Senators look for answers on FOIA reform, Clinton emails May 6, 2015 (published fcw.com)
Navy's new cyber strategy prioritizes threats May 6, 2015 (published fcw.com)
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The uncertain marriage of CDM and FedRAMP March 5, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
The uncertain marriage of CDM and FedRAMP March 5, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
How CIOs can prep for FITARA February 24, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
Three Tips for Building a Data-Based Strategy February 20, 2015 (Published govexec.com)
FedRAMP website set for makeover February 20, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
DOD Wants Physical Separation for Classified Data in the Cloud … For Now February 20, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
America Needs a New FOIA Overseer: Is it You? February 19, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
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Legislation and the future of federal cybersecurity February 18, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
Obama Administration Frustrates Inspectors General on Records Access February 18, 2015 (Published govexec.com)
Amid Open Data Push, Agencies Feel Urge for Analytics February 17, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
OMB updates info security guidance, accelerates real-time monitoring February 12, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
Can the Senate make sense of the Internet of Things? February 11, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
Feds respond to critical Windows flaw February 11, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
New cyber agency modeled on counterterrorism center February 10, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
NY records warehouse blaze sparks digitization questions February 10, 2015 (Published fiercecontentmanagement.com)
DOE pilots big data infrastructure projects February 10, 2015 (Published gcn.com)
Growth in big data draws women to statistics February 10, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
American Millennials are Behind Most of Their Counterparts in Some Basic Skills February 5, 2015 (Published govexec.com)
The Four Big Digital Government Trends in 2015 February 5, 2015 (Published govexec.com)
The Four Big Digital Government Trends in 2015 February 5, 2015 (Published govexec.com)
Obama Administration Frustrates Inspectors General on Records Access February 3, 2015 (Published govexec.com)
The Government Will See You Now February 3, 2015 (Published govexec.com)
Why the Router Needs a Re-Think February 3, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
President's spending plan shines spotlight on digital services February 2, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
White House Debuts Dot-Gov Cyber Enforcement Squad February 2, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
Why the Pentagon CIO Hates the Term ‘Data Center’ February 2, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
President's spending plan shines spotlight on digital services February 2, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
White House Debuts Dot-Gov Cyber Enforcement Squad February 2, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
Why the Pentagon CIO Hates the Term ‘Data Center’ February 2, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
The Mobile Wave Still Looks Like a Trickle in Government January 30, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
The Pentagon Accelerates Move to Cloud Computing January 29, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
Satisfaction with fed customer service worst ever January 27, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
Nonprofits Offer Help with Agency Records Management January 27, 2015 (Published govxec.com)
Leaders, Don't Let Knowledge Walk Out the Door January 21, 2015 (Published govexec.com)
Customs Agency Has to Keep Records for 75 Years. That’s a Lot of Tape Drives. January 20, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
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15 Government Customer Service Trends for 2015 January 15, 2015 (Published digitalgov.gov)
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DISA releases cloud security requirements guide January 14, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
Agency Leaders are Gung Ho about Going Digital. So, Where are Their Plans? January 13, 2015 (Published nextgov.gov)
Chrousos adds new role at GSA January 13, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
Federal Buildings are Vulnerable to Hacking and DHS Isn’t Doing Enough to Protect Them January 12, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
CentCom hacked, GSA dinged and big data's cyber power January 12, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
Why Doesn’t Obama’s Data Breach Privacy Proposal Apply to Agencies? January 12, 2015 (Published nextgov.com)
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Cloud and the changing org chart January 2, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
Information Governance To Take Centre Stage January 2, 2015 (Published ethicalboardroom.com)
Preparing for the data center of the future January 1, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
Preparing for the data center of the future January 1, 2015 (Published fcw.com)
The feds who headed for the exits in 2014 December 31, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
How science is cutting big data down to size December 18, 2014 (Published gcn.com)
Cloud Metrics Could Provide the Goldilocks Solution to Which Cloud Vendor Is 'Just Right' December 15, 2014 (Published nist.gov)
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DISA releases draft of new cloud security requirements December 12, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Clock runs out on FOIA update December 12, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
President Signs Law Modernizing Federal Information Management Practices December 10, 2014 (Published www.arma.org)
DOD IG: Pentagon falling short on cloud strategy December 5, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Cloud Storage: 8 Ways You're Wasting Money December 3, 2014 (Published informationweek.com)
NSA returns to open source December 1, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Obama Signs Modernized Federal Records Act December 1, 2014 (Published govexec.com)
Preparing for the future of federal IT November 25, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Agencies might need to rethink telework security November 21, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Why the grid needs CDM November 21, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Americans Rate Two Agencies Worse Than the IRS November 21, 2014 (Published www.govexec.com)
NIST, NARA move to secure federal data on outside systems November 19, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
With the end of FOSE, government-dependent trade shows take yet another hit November 16, 2014 (Published www.washingtonpost.com)
NSA Turns to the Cloud to Help Manage Data Deluge November 14, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
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Clicking with Citizens November 12, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Federal Customer Experience 'Downright Bleak' November 11, 2014 (Published www.nextgov.com)
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Transforming Acquisition for the Future November 7, 2014 (Published www.govexec.com)
BlackBerry Says It’s Staging a Comeback - But Nobody Told the Feds November 7, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Despite investment, many feds not satisfied with state of information governance November 6, 2014 (Published fiercegovernmentit.com)
9 Amazing Ways Big Data Is Used Today to Change the World November 5, 2014 (Published smartdatacollective.com)
Long-awaited FISMA Reforms May Hit Stumbling Block November 5, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
DISA in Compliance with Cloud Security Standards November 4, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Federal Network Resilience October 28, 2014 (Published www.dhs.gov)
NIST lays out roadmap for cloud computing October 27, 2014 (Published gcn.com)
Why Some Agencies Want a One-Size-Fits-All Policy for Mobile Devices October 27, 2014 (Published www.nextgov.com)
USCIS looks to the cloud for E-Verify October 27, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
A Mixed Verdict on Customer Service at Five Agencies October 27, 2014 (Published www.govexec.com)
Could FOIA work on a Data Act model? October 21, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Can the U.S. Government Get Its DATA Act Together? October 21, 2014 (Published www.nextgov.com)
CDM-FedRAMP union not on the calendar... yet October 21, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
10 Trends Transforming Enterprise IT October 18, 2014 (Published techcrunch.com)
GSA unveils 'FedRAMP Ready' systems October 17, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
NIH invests $32 million to crack big data October 17, 2014 (Published gcn.com)
A to-do list for the 'data agency' October 16, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Is FedRAMP Toothless? Rogue Cloud Systems Abound at Agencies, IGs Say October 15, 2014 (Published www.nextgov.com)
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Pink Architecture: New Technology Leadership October 10, 2014 (Published www.informationweek.com)
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Government Printing Office Becomes First Legislative Agency to Adopt Cloud Email October 7, 2014 (Published www.nextgov.com)
DHS official: New scanning authority will help nip next Heartbleed in the bud October 7, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Checklist: How To Use Cloud To Meet Business Needs October 6, 2014 (Published www.cio.com)
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Building a Data Breach Response Team, Before You Have a Breach October 3, 2014 (Published www.cio.com)
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Oracle Gets Serious About the Cloud at OpenWorld 2014 September 30, 2014 (Published www.destinationcrm.com)
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Social as an enterprise strategy September 19, 2014 (published fcw.com)
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Uncle Sam's List goes public September 16, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
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Mikey Dickerson: No Paper Pushing at US Digital Service September 15, 2014 (Published nextgov)
EXCLUSIVE: New Connect.gov Aims to Consolidate Your Passwords September 15, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Desperately seeking better citizen service September 9, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Tibco going up against Oracle, IBM and Adobe with new customer engagement platform September 8, 2014 (Published www.cio.com)
w Data Science Is Making Dreams Come True September 8, 2014 (Published smartdatacollective.com)
DHS picks RSA Archer for CDM dashboard September 8, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Why Can’t Government Websites Be More Like Amazon? September 8, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
The critical role CIOs play in e-discovery September 8, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
What's the job code for 'rockstar developer'? September 5, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
FOIA portal, VistA bid, Army cyber and SANS templates September 5, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
KBase harnesses gene data for researchers September 5, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
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Wanted: Twitter-savvy Feds to Help OPM Get This Whole Social Media Thing September 3, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
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Federal Network Security: 4 Easy Steps to Get the Basics Right September 2, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
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IPv6: An answer to network vulnerabilities? August 19, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Gartner Magic Quadrant: NetScout Says Secret Is Green August 13, 2014 (Published www.informationweek.com)
NNSA tests cloud-based data-collection system August 11, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
OMB launches digital services team to guide IT projects August 11, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Knowledge Management - What Goes Around Comes Around August 10, 2014 (published conceptsearching.com)
EPA’s cloud computing conundrum August 7, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
For NRC’s Ash, information comes before technology August 4, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Sonny Hashmi's 9 principles for GSA IT August 4, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
4 keys to digitizing federal records July 30, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
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House Wants Agency CIOs to Vouch for Security of Their Websites July 29, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Consumers Viewing Social As Customer Service Channel July 25, 2014 (Published www.mediapost.com)
FTC wants to stretch regulatory arm in big data July 23, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
IRS Chief Clashes With Republicans on Email Delivery, Role of IG July 23, 2014 (Published www.govexec.com)
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How to Approach Declining Federal IT Spending July 17, 2014 (Published www.nextgov.com)
Schedule 70 cloud listing could shower benefits July 17, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Interior gets green light for Drupal consolidation initiative July 17, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Federal Agencies Must Get Practical About Cloud July 16, 2014 (Published informationweek.com)
FBI Explores Commercial Cloud Capabilities July 14, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Teaching feds not to fear the FAR July 14, 2014 (Publishing fcw.com)
IG: U.S. Postal Service not resolving problems for biggest customers quickly enough July 14, 2014 (Published fiercegovernment.com)
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DEA Anticipates Awarding Contract for Sensitive Justice Cloud July 7, 2014 (Published www.nextgov.com)
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The cybersecurity framework and you July 3, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
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For Audit Committees, a Growing Role in Cybersecurity July 3, 2014 (Published deloitte.wsj.com)
Vanishing Email Isn’t Just an IRS Problem July 3, 2014 (Publishing www.govexec.com)
Federal agencies get some help developing their social media policies through a new toolkit July 1, 2014 (Published fiercegovernment.com)
The IRS E-Mail Scandal, Or How the Dog Ate My Homework -- Information Governance June 29, 2014 (Published info.aiim.org)
FBI issues phish warning to feds June 26, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Overcoming the fear of change can save our government billions June 26, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Senior Execs Are Leaving Federal Service at a Faster Clip June 26, 2014 (Published www.govexec.com)
We're No. 7!: US Drops Two Spots in E-Government Rankings June 26, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Research Shows Link Between Customer Service and Revenue Still Overlooked By UK Organisations June 25, 2014 (Published www.marketwatch.com)
NOAA embraces the business of big data June 24, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Continuous monitoring: Closer than you think June 23, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
HHS Wants to Send Desktops to the Cloud, Expects Other Agencies to Follow June 23, 2014 (Published www.nextgov.com)
HHS Wants to Send Desktops to the Cloud, Expects Other Agencies to Follow June 23, 2014 (Published www.nextgov.com)
Big-ticket IT projects in fiscal 2015 June 23, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
IGs seek better access to federal clouds June 18, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Cloud Computing and Virtualization June 18, 2014 (Published gdit.com)
IRS Emails Wouldn’t Have Vanished in the Cloud June 18, 2014 (Published next.gov)
Cloud Disaster Recovery: CIOs Must Lead June 18, 2014 (Published informationweek.com)
Gauging cloud security across government June 18, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Did the IRS Really Lose Lois Lerner's Emails? Let a Special Prosecutor Find Them. June 17, 2014 (Published govexec.com)
Can Your Agency's CIO Stop a Project That Isn’t Performing? June 16, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Can We Create a High Quality Government? June 16, 2014 (Published govexec.com)
Survey: Up to 70 Percent of Government IT Staff Will Depart Within 5 Years June 10, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Jennifer Kerber joins GSA June 9, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
The Hadoop Name Game June 9, 2014 (Published blogs.wsj.com)
Cutting Cost by Embracing the Software Defined IT Revolution! June 8, 2014 (Opinion Article on SDN)
New FedRAMP Security Controls Issued June 6, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
NIST updates monitoring authorization process June 6, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
H-P CIO Ramon Baez Says Entire Organization Must Embrace Big Data June 5, 2014 (Published blogs.wsj.com)
World IPv6 Launch: Who's Making Progress? June 4, 2014 (Published InformationWeek Network Computing)
PCLOB CHAIRMAN MUM ON USA FREEDOM ACT, SAYS FISA 702 REPORT COMING SOON May 29, 2014 (Published by Telecommunications Reports, as a result of DGI's 2014 Cyber Security Conference)
Should You Need a License to Practice Cybersecurity? May 29, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Agency Says IPv4 Addresses 'Nearing Total Exhaustion' May 27, 2014 (Published Redmond Magazine)
In-house analytics tool maps fraud at USPS May 20, 2014 (Published gcn.com)
Looking back to move forward May 16, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Program management: Governance matters May 16, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
What is Enterprise Architecture? May 14, 2014 (Published Mitre.com)
New NIST Guidance: Don't Make Security an Afterthought May 13, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Federal Managers Need Better Training in Data Analytics May 12, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Senate appropriators signal support for IT reform May 7, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
NARA creates FOIA advisory committee May 6, 2014 (Published fiercegovernment.com)
Pentagon Smartphone Plan Is Off to a Slow Start May 6, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
OMB offers advice for fiscal 2016 May 5, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Stop using Internet Protocol Version 4! Four reasons to move entirely to IPv6 May 1, 2014 (Published ComputerWorld)
Lawmakers push consolidation of small business preference process April 28, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Commerce bureaus flunk cyber test April 28, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Does anyone want to be a CIO? April 25, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Information Governance Conference Keynote Addresses FRCP, Future of eDiscovery April 24, 2014 (Published BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidence)
Why government social media is different April 23, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
ARIN runs out of IPv4 addresses April 23, 2014 (Published NetworkWorld)
Beware of the self-inflicted data breach April 22, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
BYOD Cost the Energy Department More Than Supplying Government Phones April 22, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Does the big data era demand new rules of the road? April 22, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
GSA Has a New Plan for Cloud Providers Navigating Changing Security Standards April 22, 2014 (Published nextgov.com)
Government Employees Cause Nearly 60% of Public Sector Cyber Incidents April 22, 2014 (Published nextgov)
How to avoid a HealthCare.gov fiasco in your cloud April 18, 2014 (Published InfoWorld.com)
USDA rolls out mobility management as a service April 14, 2014 (Published gcn.com)
A10 Networks Earns IPv6 Ready Gold Logo; Broad Set of Products Receives the Distinction April 8, 2014 (Published marketwatch.com)
CDM, before and after April 8, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Program management: The people factor April 8, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Experts advise not rushing to meet digital records deadline April 7, 2014 (Published FCW)
Judges Rebel Against Prosecutors' Bulk Requests for Emails in Probes April 4, 2014 (Published wsj.com)
Interoperability lab to test next-gen 911 services April 1, 2014 (Published gcn.com)
Dannon Finds Amazon Web Services’ Redshift, Cheap, Easy and Fast March 31, 2014 (Published blogs.wsj.com)
Obama's management agenda stays the course March 31, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Cloud Computing’s Watershed Week March 29, 2014 (Published bits.blogs.nytime.com)
Agencies back in planning mode March 26, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Lawsuit Raises Red Flags For Government Cloud Users March 25, 2014 (Published informationweek.com)
Feds & The Cloud: Management Approach Must Evolve March 20, 2014 Published informationweek.com
In search of buy-in for continuous monitoring March 19, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
There's no future in on-premises IT -- it's time to move to the cloud March 19, 2014 (Published InfoWorld.com)
Is data center consolidation losing steam? March 19, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Defense Department Adopts NIST Security Standards March 14, 2014 (Published www.informationweek.com)
DHS cyber framework team named March 13, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
DOD expects to add nine commercial cloud providers March 13, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Agencies Going 'Cloud First' Face A Records Riddle March 12, 2014 (Published www.informationweek.com)
4 Govt. IT Trends From Mobile World Congress March 11, 2014 (Published www.informationweek.com)
GSA signs up continuous monitoring vendor March 7, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Feds Move Toward Hardwired Credentials On Mobile Devices March 7, 2014 (Published www.informationweek.com)
The FY15 budget: IT spending breakdown March 5, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Continuous monitoring is improving cybersecurity, but not without challenges March 5, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Feds Grapple With Big Data Vs. Privacy March 4, 2014 (Published www.informationweek.com)
Trends on Tuesday: Global Mobile Data Traffic Nearly Doubles in 2013 March 4, 2014 (Published www.digitalgov.gov)
Feds Look To Big Data On Security Questions March 3, 2014 (Published www.informationweek.com)
House Passes Bill to Put More FOIA Processing Online February 26, 2014 (Published www.nextgov.com)
IT Reform Bill Passes House February 25, 2014 (Published
NCCoE Launches Building Blocks for Access Control and Mobile Devices February 25, 2014 (Published www.nist.gov)
What CIOs say about big data February 24, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Half of feds consider looking for jobs outside government February 21, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
How DHS is helping implement the cyber framework February 20, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Cloud-Hosted E-Discovery Systems: Debunking Common Misconceptions about Security and Privacy February 19, 2014 (Published www.exterro.com)
International Ediscovery: Best Practices Around the World February 19, 2014 (Published www.jdsupra.com)
E-Discovery February 19, 2014 (Published electronicdiscovery.info)
Anyone Who Still Thinks IPv6 Won't Happen Clearly Isn't Watching the Measurements February 19, 2014 (Published www.circleid.com)
New IPv6 Measurements: Comcast nearing 25%, Verizon Wireless 46%, DT at 18% February 19, 2014 (Published www.internetsociety.org)
Strategies for Preserving Paper Records February 19, 2014 (Published www.ironmountain.com)
What the NSA Can Teach Us about Finding Documents: 6 Tips on Metadata February 19, 2014 (Published www.cmswire.com)
How FedRAMP Can Accelerate Cloud Adoption February 18, 2014 (Published www.informationweek.com)
IP switch could threaten FAA systems, says integrator February 14, 2014 (Published by fcw.com)
The 411 on IPv6 February 14, 2014 (Published www.federaltimes.com)
Vendor Voice: Statistics, Rule 26(g) and Getting Stuck in TAR February 14, 2014 (Published eddblogonline.blogspot.com)
New leader named at Navy Cyber Command February 14, 2014 (Published by fcw.com)
Feds Launch Cyber Security Guidelines For US Infrastructure Providers February 12, 2014 (Published Information Week)
Why FedRAMP should matter to you February 11, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Taking your social media strategy to the next level February 11, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
LegalTech 2014 - A Focus on Information Governance February 10, 2014 (Published www.delawareediscovery.com)
Disney Does Data! With Magic Bands park visitors get a better experience (and Disney knows more about you than you would ever believe) February 10, 2014 (Published www.ctovision.com)
VanRoekel: Tech and innovation are 'prevailing theme' in 2015 budget February 6, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
The big switch February 6, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Thinking Strategically About the Benefits of IPv6 February 1, 2014 (Published www.circleid.com)
A new goal for data center consolidation? January 31, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Website problems drive drop in satisfaction with government January 31, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Three things to watch on information sharing January 31, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Mobile malware meets BYOD January 30, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Moving to the cloud? Learn from CBP's mistakes January 29, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
What happens after the FedRAMP deadline? January 24, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
IT infrastructure: The role of the cloud January 21, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
DISA piloting DOD cloud security model January 21, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
DHS kicks off continuous monitoring contract January 17, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Cyber Command, network defenses bolstered in spending bill January 15, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Social Security seeks software for private cloud January 15, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
Data center closures continue apace -- or do they? January 10, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
What to expect from GAO this year January 10, 2014 (Published fcw.com)
OPM wants to know who's in charge of agency records management January 3, 2014 (Published www.federalnewsradio.com)
Improving the Way to Manage Risk December 26, 2013 (govinfosecurity.com)
The secrets of great teams December 23, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
GSA making data more readily available December 17, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
NARA looks to bring agency records into the 21st century December 3, 2013 (Published FCW)
GAO: NASA needs to reflect IT investments in EA December 2, 2013 (published fcw.com)
Social media: The next generation of archiving November 25, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
GAO: More savings to be had in PortfolioStat November 6, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
DATA Act, IT consolidation bill advance in Senate November 6, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
NIST Fellow Ron Ross Honored With Inaugural McNulty Information Security Leadership Award November 5, 2013 (Published nist.gov)
Cloud Migrations: Don't Forget About The Data November 5, 2013 (Published www.informationweek.com)
Social Media In Government: Managing The Risks November 4, 2013 (Published www.informationweek.com)
GSA consolidates data centers, IT ops October 31, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Q&A: FedRAMP Director Discusses Cloud Security Innovation October 31, 2013 (Published www.informationweek.com)
Feds should formalize architecture, chief architect says October 29, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Certification: check. Now what? October 28, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Cloud failure temporarily crashes HealthCare.gov October 28, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Hagel calls for better protection of DoD data October 28, 2013 (Published www.federaltimes.com)
Beware the mobile threat October 25, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
In-memory computing gaining momentum? October 25, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
NIST draft cyber framework spotlights workforce woes October 25, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
10 steps toward FedRAMP compliance October 21, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Portability challenges for government agencies moving to hybrid clouds October 17, 2013 (Published blogs.computerworld.com)
TechAmerica forecasts steep cuts in federal IT spending October 15, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
NSA's $1.5 billion data center delayed October 9, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Government CFOs: Bad Data Quality Hobbles Agencies October 9, 2013 (Published informationweek.com)
Supercomputing upgrade to improve big data at Postal Service October 9, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
The Government Marketing Shutdown October 9, 2013 (Published blog.immixgroup.com)
Adobe Source Code Leak is Bad News for U.S. Government October 8, 2013 (Published wsj.com)
The New Bank Robbers: Emerging Cloud Threats October 7, 2013 (Published informationweek.com)
Big data is big loser in priorities survey October 7, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
How To Keep Enterprise Mobile Apps Secure October 3, 2013 (Published informationweek.com)
Cisco CEO: Internet Of Things Will Reshape IT October 3, 2013 (Published informationweek.com)
John McAfee Proposes Anti-surveillance 'D-Central' Router to Beat the NSA October 2, 2013 (Published cio.com)
4 Apolitical Reasons Federal Websites Went Dark October 2, 2013 (Published informationweek.com)
DHS takes step forward on ID management October 1, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
What to Do When Your Free Cloud Storage Fills Up September 30, 2013 (Published cio.com)
Disconnect: Performance management and budgeting September 20, 2013 (Published www.fcw.com)
Cloud Computing Definitions and Solutions September 10, 2013 (Published www.cio.com)
CRM: When C stands for citizen September 9, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Agency IT should focus on apps, not devices September 6, 2013 (Published http://fcw.com)
Big Data Drives City of Buffalo's Operation Clean Sweep September 6, 2013 (Published www.cio.com)
What NSA's influence on NIST standards means for feds September 6, 2013 (Published http://fcw.com)
Insider threat grows more ominous September 6, 2013 (Published www.fcw.com)
Which Interaction Channels Are Most Popular? September 6, 2013 (Published www.destinationcrm.com)
Start Making the Move to IPv6 September 2, 2013 (Published deloitte.wsj.com)
NARA tries to improve email preservation August 21, 2013 (Published FCW)
INTERIOR CLOUD STORAGE CONTRACT COULD BE WORTH $10 BILLION August 16, 2013 (Published nextgov.com)
The future of government mobility August 8, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Why data centers are hard to count August 6, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Q4 Poised for a Government Spending Spree August 6, 2013 (Published fedconnects.com)
Agency records need better handling August 6, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
What Lawmakers Missed In Federal Data Center Hearings August 6, 2013 (Published informationweek.com)
$116,000: WHAT YOU NEED TO PAY FOR THE AVERAGE CYBER PRO August 5, 2013 (Published nextgov.com)
Records management makes inroads among agencies August 5, 2013 (Published fedscoop.com)
Could We See $230 Billion in Fourth Quarter Federal Spending? July 29, 2013 (Published iq.GovWin.com)
FDA WANTS TO TRACK ITS SOCIAL MEDIA REACH July 16, 2013 (Published nextgov.com)
Unified capabilities: The IP-enabled battlefield of the future July 16, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
FEDS AREN'T THE ONLY ONES LOOKING FOR BIG DATA PROS July 16, 2013 (Published www.nextgov.com)
The need for skilled cyber project managers July 15, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
DOD mobile pilot programs take shape to fit into departmentwide standards, policies July 9, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
Army CIO touts network security July 8, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
Digital Conflict July 3, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
Top 10 virtualization killers July 1, 2013 (Published www.fcw.com)
Dempsey says cyberattacks are the new normal June 28, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
Revised Security Guidelines Provide Strategy for Government Mobile Device Management June 25, 2013 (Published nist.gov)
NIST, DHS push security automation to the next stage June 17, 2013 (Published gcn.com)
DOE data center deal still at impasse June 15, 2013 (Published www.fcw.com)
Intel showcases big data efforts June 12, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
DARPA developing resiliency in the military cloud June 12, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
The switch to IPv6 is on: Who’s out in front? June 10, 2013 (Published gcn.com)
5 end-of-year tactics you must follow June 5, 2013 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
Guidelines for Managing the Security of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise June 3, 2013 (Published nist.gov)
MANDIANT OFFICIAL: REPORT ON CHINA MAY HELP DIPLOMATIC EFFORT May 30, 2013 (Published Telecommunications Reports International, Inc.)
ICE WANTS ONE SUPPLIER FOR ALL ITS MOBILE NEEDS May 13, 2013 (Published nextgov.com)
NOT ALL DATA ARE EQUAL May 13, 2013 (Published nextgov.com)
DISA issues new guidance for secure, enterprise mobility May 9, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
10 technology trends that will revolutionize government April 25, 2013 (Published fedscoop.com)
Big dip coming for big data, and that's a good thing April 24, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Why citizen satisfaction matters to the digital government April 24, 2013 (Published fedscoop.com)
Thinking Forward to Preserve the Past: Interview with Pamela Wright, CINO of NARA April 19, 2013 (Published www.govloop.com)
Sketching the big picture on big data April 15, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
WELCOME TO THE DATA DRIVEN WORLD April 5, 2013 (Published nextgov.com)
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Army has lost control of its mobile devices, says DOD IG April 2, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
Android up 13%, iOS down 7%, BlackBerry down 81% … and Windows Phone up a massive 52% April 1, 2013 (Published venturebeat.com)
Bullish on big data? Better make a plan. April 1, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
From big data to better decisions March 29, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Army CIO must improve security for commercial mobile devices, says IG March 29, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
Army seeks an elastic cloud capability for enterprise-level content management March 27, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
How to get on top of the federal records tidal wave March 21, 2013 (Published gcn.com)
Sources: Amazon and CIA ink cloud deal March 18, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Data center initiative to become part of PortfolioStat March 13, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
VanRoekel: The Future of IT Is Mobile March 4, 2013 (Published http://www.fedtechmagazine.com)
BYOD Toolkit March 1, 2013 (Published whitehouse.gov)
Do you know big data's top 9 challenges? March 1, 2013 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
DOD Mobile Device Strategy February 28, 2013 (Published defense.gov)
DOJ Director Talks About Investigations And E-Discovery Technology February 25, 2013 (Published The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel)
Air Force begins first wave of mobile device distribution February 19, 2013 (Published defensesystems.com)
GAO: Cyber efforts not enough February 15, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
OPM plans contract for data center consolidation February 13, 2013 (Published by washingtontechnology.com)
Responsive design: Planning for future-friendly websites February 11, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
NRC plots cloud strategy February 4, 2013 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
A collection of open data from government, the private sector and non-profits that are fueling a new economy. February 4, 2013 (Published alpha.data.gov)
A Super Bowl lesson in customer relations February 4, 2013 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
FedRAMP certifies a major player February 1, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Agencies learning to measure social media impact January 23, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
The coming mobile explosion January 16, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Analytics: Big data takes center stage in 2013 January 16, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
Cyber threats, and agency costs, expected to climb in 2013 January 15, 2013 (Published fcw.com)
In Service Cultures, "What You Manage Is What You Get" January 11, 2013 (Published linkedin.com)
MOBILE USERS REJOICE: SUPERFAST WI-FI IS COMING January 11, 2013 (Published nextgov.com)
New Web2go App Makes Listening To The Web Easy January 11, 2013 (Published gov.aol.com)
NIH TO APPOINT CHIEF DATA OFFICIAL January 10, 2013 (Published nextgov.com)
Federal Agencies Face Mobile Tech Catch-22 January 8, 2013 (Published E-Commerce Times)
GSA’s Coleman on delivering futuristic workspace January 7, 2013 (Published fedscoop.com)
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Hard Truths About Cloud Differences January 4, 2013 (Published nextgov.com)
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2012's Worst Security Exploits, Fails and Blunders December 28, 2012 (Published www.cio.com)
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$7.2B: Big numbers for big data December 14, 2012 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
Forecast: Big data still big kahuna in 2030 December 14, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
BYOD: Not so inevitable after all December 13, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
When collaboration fails December 13, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
The Three “Audiences” Crucial to Your Exponential Business Success December 13, 2012 (Published linkedin.com)
The Chief Data Officer: Arguments pro and con December 12, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Legacy systems still power much of government December 10, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Wireless broadband: Ready for government work? December 10, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
OMB renews mandatory-use fears December 7, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
NASA website set for overhaul December 7, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Digital government milestone passes in silence December 5, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
To manage big data, go beyond IT December 4, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
‘Ultra mobility’ Q&A with Intel’s Nigel Ballard December 4, 2012 (Published fedscoop.com)
Computing On the Fly December 1, 2012 (Published govexec.com)
GSA acquisition chief returns November 30, 2012 (Published govexec.com)
Forman: FDCCI cost savings are 'smoke and mirrors' November 29, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Big Data Is on the Rise, Bringing Big Questions November 29, 2012 (Pubished online.wsj.com)
What 5 contracts will reshape the market? November 29, 2012 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
BYOD: Why Mobile Device Management Isn't Enough November 28, 2012 (Published informationweek.com)
Digital Conflict November 15, 2012 (Published defensesystems.com)
Air Force centralizes cyber control under new reorganization plan November 15, 2012 (Published defensesystems.com)
GSA plans new governmentwide software contracts November 9, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Sandy makes the case for big data November 8, 2012 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
Digital Government Institute Announces 930gov: Strategic Buying at Year-End Showcase November 1, 2012
Military sends aerial maps of Sandy damage to FEMA smartphones October 31, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Digital Government: The Transformative Power Of Visual Communications and Little Bets October 25, 2012 (Published gov.aol.com)
CYBERSKILLS TASK FORCE REPORT FALL 2012 October 24, 2012 (Published Homeland Security Advisory Council)
BYOD resistance explained October 23, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Big Data Challenge: Data Retention Policies October 23, 2012 (Published GovWin Network from Deltek)
Retired OMB IT chiefs urge federal cyber policy rewrite October 22, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
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Are Mobile Apps Leaving Quality Assurance Practices Behind? October 22, 2012 (Published www.cio.com)
Issa preps IT reform legislation October 19, 2012 (Published fcx.com)
Consortium names award in honor of Lynn McNulty October 18, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Facebook Prepares to Use 'Cold Storage' to Deal with Vast Amounts of Data October 17, 2012 (Published www.cio.com)
Trending Now: The Public Sector Focuses on Customer Service October 17, 2012 (Published DorobekINSIDER on GovLoop)
Is there room in the executive suite for a CDO? October 17, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
How IT Can Prepare for Mobile Forensic Investigations October 16, 2012 (Published www.cio.com)
IG raps SEC records management October 15, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Op-ed: Encryption, not restriction, is the key to safe cloud computing October 5, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Big ideas about big data could win prizes October 4, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Industry resists government's push for low prices October 4, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Big data gauntlet thrown down for agencies October 4, 2012 (Published FederalNewsRadio)
A New Big Data Roadmap for GovernmentA New Big Data Roadmap for Government (and Business) (and Business) October 3, 2012 (Published Forbes)
Invest in big data, industry tells government October 3, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Graded on a curve: How feds lead the way on IPv6 October 1, 2012 (Published GCN)
US government gets an "F" for IPv6 Internet make-over September 30, 2012 (Published zdnet.com)
With September 30 Deadline Looming, US Government Enables IPv6 For Hundreds Of Websites September 30, 2012 (Published internetsociety.org)
Take your pick: Plenty of contracting woes ahead September 28, 2012 (Published Washington Technology)
VA Expects to Award $500 Million in IT Contracts This Month September 28, 2012 (Published NextGov)
Agencies Not Taking Steps to Avoid Redundant IT Spending, Report Finds September 27, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
GAO: Agencies have EA implementation gaps, but blame OMB September 27, 2012 Published (fiercegovernmentit.com)
How frenzied is your fourth quarter? September 18, 2012 (Published Washington Technology)
New NIST Publication Provides Guidance for Computer Security Risk Assessments September 17, 2012 (Published nist.gov)
Big Data Gets Its Own Photo Album September 13, 2012 (Published nytimes.com)
House to press agencies on customer service September 10, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Big Data Could Fix School Shortcomings September 6, 2012 (Published informationweek.com)
'Byzantine warren of fiefdoms' makes contracting fraud hard to stop September 6, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Digital Government Institute Names Wendy Moore Director of Sales September 6, 2012
CIO Council releases governmentwide BYOD guidance August 27, 2012 (Published fiercegovernmentit.com)
White House overhauls electronic records requirements August 24, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
White House overhauls electronic records requirements August 24, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
White House marks digital gov strategy’s first milestones August 24, 2012 (Published GCN)
NIST hands off NSTIC to private se August 21, 2012 (Published www.fiercegovernmentit.com)
Preparing for the Federal Fourth Quarter Buying Season August 13, 2012 (Published GovWin Network from Deltek)
Great mobile app: Census data you can actually use August 9, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Deltek: Fourth-quarter spending rush may be larger than last year August 5, 2012 (Published Washington Post)
A Toolkit to Support Federal Agencies Implementing August 1, 2012 (Published cio.gov)
Risks in Big Data Attract Big Law Firms July 23, 2012 (Published law.com)
How EA can make IT procurement cheaper July 11, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Legislative action needed now on cybersecurity, says US cyber chief July 10, 2012 (Published defensesystems.com)
Guidelines for Managing and Securing Mobile Devices in the Enterprise July 10, 2012 (Published csrc.nist.gov)
NSTIC steering group to convene this summer July 9, 2012 (Published fiercegovernmentit.com)
EDRM 2012 Kickoff Meeting Generates New Projects July 9, 2012 (Published law.com)
The 3 I's Of Big Data July 9, 2012 (Published www.forbes.com)
4 crucial steps to manage data July 6, 2012 (Publsihed fcw.com)
Spending oversight requires digging deep for data July 6, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
BYOD security: Are agencies doomed to a permanent game of catch-up? July 6, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
The AC/DC lesson: Why IPv4 will be with us a long time July 6, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
IPv6 could disrupt federal online services July 6, 2012 (Published fiercegovernment.com)
Elite Air Force school graduates first class of cyberwarriors July 6, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Senator questions OMB's efforts to shutter federal websites July 3, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
DHS hones dynamic approach to securing agency computer networks June 28, 2012 (Published FederalNewsRadio.com)
What are big data techniques and why do you need them? June 27, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Cybersecurity Summer Camp Begins June 26, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
DHS to give agencies free computer threat-detection packages June 26, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Judge Facciola Addresses Competency, Ethics, and E-Discovery June 22, 2012 (Published law.com)
The Ethics Of Big Data June 21, 2012 (Published forbes.com)
Experts Propose Defensible E-Discovery Standards June 21, 2012 (Published www.law.com)
Bosses and CISOs: What we've got here is failure to communicate June 15, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
FCC inundated with mobile-device approval requests June 15, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
NSA delves into next level of data analysis June 14, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Why the FBI wants IPv6: It's better for tracking criminals June 7, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
IPv6 traffic shoots up on World Launch Day; dot-gov domains join in June 6, 2012 (Published GCN)
Federal Officials Say Cybersecurity Is Greatest High-Risk Skill Gap June 1, 2012 (Published Dark Reading)
New commission aims to help government tap into big data May 31, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Mayor Brown Introduces "JaxReady" Mobile Device App May 30, 2012 (City of Jacksonville, FL Press Release)
With IPv6 being turned on, is keeping IPv4 a bad idea? May 25, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
USASpending takes big data to the cloud May 21, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Coping With Preservation and Proportionality in Legal Holds May 18, 2012 (Published Law.com)
DISA eyes BYOD mobility strategy May 11, 2012 (Published fiercegovernmentit.com)
White House Releases Common Approach to Enterprise Architecture May 7, 2012 (Published fedscoop.com)
Federal agency CIOs squeeze savings from IT spending May 4, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Big data could remake science -- and government May 2, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Congressman plans cyber workforce development efforts May 2, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Federal digital strategy misses April release deadline April 30, 2012 (Published fiercegovernmentit.com)
Three hot issues in records management April 29, 2012 (Published KMWorld)
Continuous monitoring bill would cost $710M to implement says CBO April 24, 2012 (Published fiercegovernment.com)
8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses April 23, 2012 (Published inc.com)
Big data can Moneyball government services April 19, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
EA lacking at DOT, say auditors April 18, 2012 (Published fiercegovernmentit.com)
How cloud storage could catch up with big data April 17, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Hackers own today's free-love PC architecture, and it's time to move on April 17, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Big Data Is a Big Deal for Government April 12, 2012 (Published FedTech Magazine)
Can the Government Force the Surrender of Encryption Keys? April 11, 2012 (Published law.com)
IPv4 trading needs global policy, says Mueller April 11, 2012 (Published fiercegovernment.com)
Company Computer Policies Risk Becoming Obsolete April 10, 2012 (Published law.com)
FCC move to disable stolen smartphones won't stop government data thieves April 10, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Virus attack plunges Commerce bureau into bureaucratic Dark Ages April 9, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Employees who BYOD leave basic security behind, study finds April 9, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Do you know your customers' top 5 challenges? April 6, 2012 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
Federal Judicial Advisory Committee Ponders New E-Discovery Rules April 6, 2012 (Published law.com)
Is continuous security monitoring worth the payoff? April 4, 2012 (Published defensesystems.com)
NSA to crack codes with big data March 30, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Big news about big data March 29, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Outdoor agencies blend their databases for better service March 16, 2012 (Publihed fcw.com)
Ceding data ownership for 'any-device' access is a risky trade March 16, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
FISMA continues to challenge March 14, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
OIG: NASA knowledge management system largely unused March 14, 2012 (Published fiercegovernmentit.com)
Why The Intelligence Community Loves Big Data March 13, 2012 (Published AOLGovernment)
Cyber Command's Alexander: Leading For Success On The Mobile Frontier March 13, 2012 (Published AOLGovernment)
FISMA guide updated to reflect APT, mobile threats March 12, 2012 (Published GCN.com)
Big data meets interested government March 12, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Big data's big question: Where are the data scientists? March 8, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
‘Big Data’ offers big progress in network security March 7, 2012 (Published Government Security News)
Federal mobility, Web reform strategies to be consolidated March 2, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
CIA wants big data, petascale computing to speed info analysis March 1, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
What You Need to Know About Big Data Hype February 23, 2012 (Published cmswire.com)
Big Data Is Big Market & Big Business - $50 Billion Market by 2017 February 17, 2012 (Published forbes.com)
Judge Peck Addresses Predictive Coding in Federal Court Order February 14, 2012 (Published law.com)
What's your agency's big data IQ? February 13, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Applying E-Discovery Best Practices to Cloud Computing February 10, 2012 (Published law.com)
Why busy enterprise architects are getting busier February 8, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
NIST to tackle big data February 8, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
What you need to know about big data February 7, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Federal Standards Body Focuses On Big Data, Cloud February 7, 2012 (Published informationweek.com)
Internet Society launches info hub for DNSSEC, IPv6 February 6, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Get Your IPv6 @#$% in Gear February 2, 2012 (Published FedTech Bisnow)
Report: Electronic health records still need work January 27, 2012 (Published ap.org)
White House Tech champion Aneesh Chopra stepping down January 27, 2012 (Published gov.aol.com)
Wanted by the FBI: a global social media monitoring system January 27, 2012 (Published gov.aol.com)
White House presses for new cybersecurity laws January 27, 2012 (Published informationweek.com)
FTC to scrutinize mobile payment technology January 27, 2012 (Published networkworld.com)
U.S. cybersecurity efforts trigger privacy concerns January 27, 2012 (Published ap.org)
Justice Dept. defends wireless program January 26, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
The State of the Union’s Cybersecurity January 26, 2012 (Published govinfosecurity.com)
Obama to polish techno-savvy image with Google chat January 23, 2012 (Published cnet.com)
NOAA abandons Blackberries for iPhones, iPads January 23, 2012 (Published gov.aol.com)
TSA: Hackers manipulated railway computers January 23, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
F.B.I. Closes a Top File-Sharing Site; 7 Charged January 21, 2012 (Published nytimes.com)
Defense Dept. CIO needs more authority, Board says January 20, 2012 (Published informationweek.com)
Megaupload shutdown raises new Internet-sharing fears January 20, 2012 (Published washingtonpost.com)
AT&T boosted lobbying 31% as it pursued T-Mobile January 20, 2012 (Published businessweek.com)
Blue Button innovation expanded to all federal employees January 20, 2012 (Published gov.aol.com)
Justice Dept site hacked after megaupload site shut down January 20, 2012 (Published washingtonpost.com)
GSA makes great e-gov strides January 19, 2012 (Published gov.aol.com)
Booz Allen Hamilton Launches Cybersecurity Network January 19, 2012 (Published federalnewsradio.com)
Top 10 federal cybersecurity leaders for 2012 January 19, 2012 (Published govinfosecurity.com)
IRS spends $320 million on website improvements January 18, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
DISA details streamlining plan for 2012 January 17, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Obama reorganization could affect at least 12 agencies January 17, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
Administration powers up DHS cybersecurity staff January 17, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Private sector hires former Fed CIO Kundra for big bucks January 16, 2012 (Published nytimes.com)
5 technologies on the way out in 2012 January 15, 2012 (Published fcw.com)
White House concerned about online piracy bills January 14, 2012 (Published ap.org)
IT security personnel go full year with no joblessness January 14, 2012 (Published govinfosecurity.com)
VA streamlines service delivery with mobile technology January 13, 2012 (Published gov.aol.com)
State Dept’s Streufert moves to DHS for cybersecurity January 13, 2012 (Published govinfosecurity.com)
VanRoekel expands on Obama’s agency merger plan – 2012 IT plans January 13, 2012 (Published gov.aol.com)
Time to Lasso That .Gov Elephant! January 12, 2012 (Published fedscoop.com)
Study: Cyber defense effort is mixed January 12, 2012 (Published washingtonpost.com)
Federal mobile push a natural for VanRoekel January 12, 2012 (Published federalnewsradio.com)
Hack attacks now leading cause of breaches January 12, 2012 (Published informationweek.com)
At CES, FCC chair warns of ‘mobile spectrum crunch’ January 12, 2012 (Published cnet.com)
45percent of fed workers using mobile January 11, 2012 (Published informationweek.com)
VanRoekel announces new federal mobility plans January 11, 2012 (Published gov.aol.com)
45% of federal IT pros do mobile daily January 11, 2012 (Published informationweek.com)
Federal CIO launches mobile roadmap January 11, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Federal CIO launches mobile roadmap January 11, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Big Data: Trends to watch in 2012 January 10, 2012 (Published allthingsd.com)
Industry need government help to protect infrastructure January 10, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
National Weather Service bans mobile apps development, will rely on private apps January 10, 2012 (Published informationweek.com)
Agencies plan for government FOIA portal January 10, 2012 (Published fiercegovernment.com)
Cybersecurity is a campaign issue January 7, 2012 (Published govinfosecurity.com)
How to enforce your mobile policy January 7, 2012 (Published govinfosecurity.com)
NIH awards $60 m single-source contract to SRA January 6, 2012 (Published marketwatch.com)
Beyond data center consolidation – Army targets rationalization January 6, 2012 (Published AOL Government)
Military ramps up cybersecurity budget January 6, 2012 (Published pcadvisor.com.uk)
Senate to debate cyber bills early in 2012 January 6, 2012 (Published federalnewsradio.com)
Warning: Cyber threats in 2012 January 6, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
Momentum grows for data privacy day January 5, 2012 (Published marketwatch.com)
SAIC develops next-gen Army training system January 5, 2012 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
Pentagon budget to shrink, cyber warfare to grow January 5, 2012 (Published reuters.com)
Obama, Panetta outline $489b in defense cuts January 5, 2012 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
Citizant gains two tasks on HUD’s Enterprise Architecture contract January 4, 2012 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
So, What's Your Algorithm? January 4, 2012 (Published wsj.com)
$27b later, Deepwater project is killed January 4, 2012 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
Feds aim to serve citizens better by revamping Dot-Gov January 3, 2012 (Published nextgov.com)
Court websites use online chat to connect with public January 3, 2012 (Published fiercegovernment.com)
Pessimism over FISMA deadline starts at the top, survey finds January 3, 2012 (Published gcn.com)
The government’s best 20th century investments January 1, 2012 (Published americanprogress.org)
Gimmie YouTube! What Net neutrality means for you December 21, 2011 (Published money.cnn.com)
Obama Administration Memorandum Creates New Opportunities For Records Management SMBs December 21, 2011 (Published www.gaebler.com)
E-Mail Gets an Instant Makeover December 20, 2011 (Published www.nytimes.com)
AT&T assails FCC report on T-mobile merger December 1, 2011 (Published washingtonpost.com)
Best paying IT security jobs in 2012 November 28, 2011 (Published informationweek.com)
The new federal CIO: Changing the culture of federal IT October 27, 2011 (Published cio.com)
Senator asks federal cio to resolve usajobs.gov crisis October 27, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
Big boost from Feds in requests for Google user data October 26, 2011 (Published cio.com)
DHS adds new service to reduce IT costs October 25, 2011 (Published federalnewsradio.com)
USAJobs.gov crashes shortly after debut October 24, 2011 (Published washingtonpost.com)
Agencies: don’t forget to turn off IPv4 on your way out October 21, 2011 (Published gcn.com)
Intel Cuts Rumored to be $25 billion plus October 18, 2011 (Published defense.aol.com)
Lawmakers urge cap on salaries for government contractors October 13, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
BlackBerry still No. 1 October 13, 2011 (Published nationaljournal.com)
Agencies encouraged to look far and wide for innovations October 12, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
Top tech pay on the rise October 10, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
DHS aggressive on cloud October 6, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
OMB accelerates plan to shutter data centers October 6, 2011 (Published gcn.com)
Effort to require online governmentwide spending reports advances on the Hill October 6, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
Government apps: Learning from industry October 3, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
Mobile app helps NASA prepare for emergencies October 3, 2011 (Published gcn.com)
AT&T asks court to dismiss Sprint-Cellular-South lawsuits October 1, 2011 (Published businessweek.com)
Verizon sues to overturn ‘net neutrality’ rules September 30, 2011 (Published suntimes.com)
GSA tries to anticipate agencies’ IT needs September 30, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
CBO estimates cost of DATA act September 30, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
US gives cyberattack protection to defense firms September 30, 2011 (Published azstarnet.com)
How VA developed its PTSD Coach mobile app September 30, 2011 (Published nextgov)
VA employees to test mobile access to information networks via tablets, smartphones. September 29, 2011 (Published gov.aol.com)
NASA developing custom smartphone for top-secret communications September 29, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
VA CIO forecasts in-house mobile apps store September 28, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
ACT-IT Academy debuts its federal IT education program September 28, 2011 (Published businesswire.com)
Feds have their say in workplace survey September 28, 2011 (Published Washington Post)
How Microsoft’s exchange sparked the mobile revolution in government September 28, 2011 (Published gov.aol.com)
Maas360 first to receive fed gov authority for mobile device management September 28, 2011 (Published marketwatch.com)
State and USAID embrace data visualization to promote missions September 27, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
Feds are bullish on government apps, but few have downloaded one September 27, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
Feds chase top IT management talent September 27, 2011 (Published ecommercetimes.com)
Tech's future is managing data, not devices September 26, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
Cost of modernizing NYC’s computer system for personal data explodes September 24, 2011 (Published New York Times)
CACI e-business buy expands its federal Oracle holdings September 23, 2011 (Published washingtontechnology.com)
FCC pushes 9-1-1 emergency text service September 23, 2011 (Published mobiledia.com)
Meg Whitman to take helm at HP September 23, 2011 (Published nytimes.com)
Lawmakers urge FCC to keep politics out of Lightsquared decision September 23, 2011 (Published mobiledia.com)
Personal mobile devices give agencies an IT headache September 23, 2011 (Published gcn.com)
US Spy agency trying to go mobile September 23, 2011 (Published Reuters)
Senate committee approves DHS hiring freeze September 22, 2011 (Published federalnewsradio.com)
Employee-owned mobile devices cause stress for agency IT shops September 22, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
Net neutrality rules take effect Nov. 20 September 22, 2011 (Published thehill.com)
AT&T says US suit to block T-Mobile deal should go to trial September 22, 2011 (Published businessweek.com)
AT&T says US suit to block T-Mobile deal should go to trial September 22, 2011 (Published businessweek.com)
Mobile devices will drive global Web use by 2015 September 13, 2011 (Published gcn.com)
Survey shows people prefer using PCs, Web portals to contact agencies September 12, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
One-quarter of federal websites are unreachable September 12, 2011 (Published executivegov.com)
Weather service updates mobile website for local forecasts September 9, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
Going Mobile September 6, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
Virginia puts traffic accident data online September 2, 2011 (Published gcn.com)
Arlington on its way to single burial September 2, 2011 (Published federalnewsradio.com)
White House budget report shows spending declines in 2011 September 2, 2011 (Published gov.aol.com)
New procedures to prevent SSA workers from attack September 2, 2011 (Published federalnewsradio.com)
OPM creates IT worker hiring pool September 2, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
Panetta urges more DOD small business contracts September 2, 2011 (Published federalnewsradio.com)
Agency apps must be regularly updated September 1, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
The TSA App September 1, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
OSHA APP offers heat safety alerts August 31, 2011 (Published gov.aol.com)
More citizens want to find agencies on mobile apps than social media August 29, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
FEMA launches mobile apps for disaster preparedness August 26, 2011 (Published informationweek.com)
FBI deploys fingerprint system for mobile devices August 25, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
Better communications networks needed in wake of earthquake and Hurricane Irene August 25, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
Myths about mobile devices August 24, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
The most critical element of mobile security: you August 23, 2011 (Pubished gcn.com)
Mobile apps are reshaping government services and operations August 19, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
DISA eyes support for smartphones, plans to offer Microsoft Office in the cloud August 18, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
Cybersecurity and Mobility: Our senior correspondent answers your questions August 16, 2011 (Published Nextgov)
FCC Seeks To Facilitate Use of Mobile Devices in Emergencies August 12, 2011 (Published ihealthbeat.com)
Deltek predicts $95 billion federal architecture spending by 2016 August 10, 2011 (Published fiercecio.com)
FBI releases new iPhone app for identifying missing children August 8, 2011 (Published FCW)
Do agencies need a platform to share info on iPad deployments? August 8, 2011 (Published FCW)
FBI’s first app helps parents report missing children August 5, 2011 (Published CNN)
Smithsonian advances the art of the app August 5, 2011 (Published FCW)
Google, Microsoft exchange blows in Android dispute August 5, 2011 (Published GCN)
Dept. of Energy to save $10 million with new website August 4, 2011 (Published gov.aol.com)
Experts: Mobile devices a growing target for criminals August 4, 2011 (Published pcworld.com)
NIST tests ways to secure iPhones, iPads. August 3, 2011 (Published informationweek.com)
Feds announce 5 cities to benefit from NBN Wireless August 3, 2011 (Published abcnews.com)
Android risk of cyber crime is growing fast August 3, 2011 (Published fcw)
Agencies put fishing and tidal apps on mobile devices August 3, 2011 (Published fcw)
US lawmaker challenges opposition to AT&T merger August 2, 2011 (Published Reuters)
iPhone pics offer unique view of Afghan conflict August 2, 2011 (Published Defense News)
Making mobile work; success strategies revealed August 2, 2011 (Published fcw)
NIST looks for secure ways to use iPads, iPhones in the enterprise August 1, 2011 (Published gcn)
Going mobile? The people are already there. August 1, 2011 (Published GCN)
Success strategies for making mobile work July 29, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
Hackers strike government cyber security contractor July 29, 2011 (Published cnet.com)
Wireless carriers looking to tap government spectrum July 29, 2011 (Published cnet.com)
GAO warns of social media risks July 28, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
Agency reports just a mouse click away under Senate bill July 27, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
Feds raise to the clouds July 13, 2011 (Published computerworld.com)
Why Doesn't OPM Get Cyber Reform? May 25, 2011 (Published blogs.govinfosecurity.com)
White House sends Congress a long-awaited cybersecurity proposal May 12, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
Cloud computing lacks a measure of success, survey finds May 10, 2011 (Published GCN)
Amazon cloud crash endangers federal websites April 21, 2011 (Pubished nextgov.com)
Newer, faster fingerprint technology goes live at FBI March 11, 2011 (Published networkworld.com)
State Department may lose overseas internet funds March 11, 2011 (Published politico.com)
SSA online forms get high grades March 10, 2011 (Published fcw.com)
Health IT official touts transition to paperless system March 8, 2011 (Published thehill.com)
Report: Some tax preparers resist IRS e-filing system March 8, 2011 (Published nextgov.com)
The federal government’s cloud plans: a $20 billion shift March 1, 2011 (Published CIO.com)
Obama scraps $1 billion virtual border fence February 15, 2011 (Published InformationWeek)
Obama Launches Rule Review, Pledging to Spur Jobs, Growth January 18, 2011 (Published Wall Street Journal)
After data center consolidation, beware legacy apps January 14, 2011 (Published GCN)
5 cyber threats to watch out for this year January 12, 2011 (Published GCN)
Social media key in NARA declassification effort December 3, 2010 (Published FCW)
GAO: NASA moves too slowly on projects December 2, 2010 (Published FCW)
Vint Cerf: Europe will run out of IPv4 address, too November 12, 2010 (Published Sage News)
Mantech to provide tech services to IBM November 5, 2010 (Published tmcnet.com)
DHS Correa moving to management role at ICE November 5, 2010 (Published Federal News Radio)
AOL: Tracing the Rise and Decline of a Tech Hotspot. October 29, 2010 (Published The Wall Street Journal)
Q&A: ARIN’s John Curran on the IPv6 Transition October 28, 2010 (Published Data Center Knowledge)
Political sea change likely to affect federal IT October 28, 2010 (Published Politico)
NARA should get tougher, says GAO October 27, 2010 (Published FierceGovernmentIT)
Top 10 federal fraud settlements had health twist October 27, 2010 (Published NPR)
Get ready to kiss IPv4 goodbye October 27, 2010 (Published Technewsworld.com)
GAO criticizes disaster recovery plans for critical networks October 26, 2010 (Published NextGov)
Defense touts social networking October 26, 2010 (Published NextGov)
Knowledge management in the federal government October 26, 2010 (Published B-Eye-network.com)
GSA building virtual conference centers October 26, 2010 (Published NextGov)
What’s happening with KM in the federal government? October 26, 2010 (Published byeyenetwork.com)
IRS IT modernization program faces new hurdles October 21, 2010 (Published Thehill.com)
CACI wins $1b CDC contract October 19, 2010 (Published Healthcareitnews.com)
Seymour Hirsh on the rhetorical and reality of cyberwar October 19, 2010 (Published The Atlantic)
IPv4 Net addresses now 95 percent used up October 18, 2010 Published cnet News
Why the need for IPv6? Blame Vint Cerf. October 18, 2010 (Published GCN)
Government takes the lead on IPv6 adoption October 18, 2010 (Published GCN)
Choosing top-flight IT workers October 15, 2010 (Published NextGov)
How did government miscount data centers so badly? October 15, 2010 (Published GCN)
Tech job growth sputters October 13, 2010 (Published InformationWeek)
New Web Code Draws Concern Over Privacy Risks October 10, 2010 (Published New York Times)
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