Cloud Computing, IT Modernization and Data Center

With the Administration taking an increased interest in the federal government’s move to cloud computing, this Community of Interest will provide information access which outlines benefits and resources available.

NEWS & Resources

  • White Paper: Securing Data in the Private Data Center and Public Cloud with Zero Trust | Click Here
  • White Paper: Digital Transformation Checklist – Using Technology to Break Down Innovation Barriers in Government (.PDF) | Click Here
  • White Paper: Security Approaches for Open Hybrid Clouds in Government | Click Here
  • White House Outlines Move from ‘Cloud First’ to ‘Cloud Smart’ | Click Here
  • Government Reform and Reorganization Plan (.PDF) | Click Here
  • FedRAMP Authorized Vendors | Click Here
  • | Click Here
  • FedRAMP: Ensuring Secure Cloud Computing for the Federal Government | Click Here
  • GSA Cloud IT Services | Click Here
  • Cloud Security Alliance | Click Here
  • Open Cloud Consortium | Click Here