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    Where IT comes together – an Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning Mike Smoyer While there are numerous professional development opportunities for government employees, most are specialized, focusing on single issues such as Cyber, Customer Experience, Records/Information Management, Data Management, Cloud, IT Modernization etc. The unfortunate trend the past decade,
One of the great challenges faced by operators of any network is the ability to have confidence in their systems’ access management. Without truly trusted identities, systems, and the information contained, cannot be trusted and leave agencies vulnerable.  With Government’s enormous level of complexity of the IT ecosystem and budget
The Honorable Elizabeth Laporte Latest Judge to Present at DGI Over the years, Digital Government Institute (“DGI”) has had the privilege to hear from a variety of luminaries from the Judiciary, including Judges Facciola, Lamberth, Peck and Francis. DGI is delighted that United States Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte from the
Every month, Digital Government Institute will profile an Education Advisory Committee (“EAC”) Member. DGI’s Inaugural Interviewee is FTC’s David Shonka who serves on DGI’s E-Discovery, Records & Information Management EAC. We hope you join us Thursday, March 22, 2018 in Washington, DC for the 15th annual E-Discovery, Records and Information
Whether you are addressing record keeping by NARA, focusing agency efforts on IT Modernization, selecting Emerging Technologies for improved Citizen Services or improving IT security, one important common denominator is the need for an appropriate Information Governance schema that is holistic, cross-agency and keeps up with technological capability. Whatever Information
What are the top trends directing the field of Knowledge Management in 2017? Read the full article published by axerosolutions.com here.
The Justice Department’s Office of Information Policy is working to create one portal where citizens can easily go to request documents covered by FOIA. The goal is to have something operational by the end of the calendar year. Read the full article published on FCW.com here.
Federal records managers are facing a perfect storm in records management: OMB directives require that agencies transition to all electronic records Agency record volumes are growing exponentially Record formats and platforms are proliferating Records are constantly under cyberattack New political leaders are unaware of records requirements and risks How can
NARA estimated that 92% of agencies would meet the 2016 email management goal to manage email records in electronic format, but in reality only about 81% of agencies managed to hit this target. Read the full article published on FCW.com here.
Philip Droege is an interesting guy—with an even more interesting job.He’s the Director, Office of Records Management for the Executive Office of the President EOP. Which means two things: He’s in charge of maintaining the paper trail for the president, vice president, and all their deputies, assistants, counsels, and other



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