Enterprise Architecture Conference & Expo

April 26, 2018



Keynote Speakers Include

John A. Zachman


John A. Zachman is the originator of the “Framework for Enterprise Architecture” (The Zachman Framework™).  He is Founder and Chairman of his own education and consulting business, Zachman International® as well as the Executive Director of the Federated Enterprise Architecture Certification Institute (The FEAC® Institute) in Washington, D.C., and the Chairman of the Zachman Institute™, a non-profit organization devoted to offering services to small businesses and non-profit organizations as they prepare for and experience growth.

Chris Chilbert, HHS OIG


Chris Chilbert serves as the Chief Information Officer of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG). He leads OIG’s efforts to employ modern technology and practices to fight waste, fraud, and abuse in federal healthcare spending. While at OIG, he has overseen the modernization of legacy networking, computing, mobile, and software infrastructure in support of the agency’s mission. Prior to joining HHS, Chris led the enterprise architecture program at the Department of Homeland Security, spent several years as a management consultant, and served as an officer in the navy’s submarine force. Mr. Chilbert holds a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and a Masters in Business Administration from the College of William and Mary. He was named a 2015 Fed 100 by FCW, as well as a GovTransformer “for being a federal IT leader who can translate complex IT challenges into mission success.”


Enterprise Architecture has become one of the pillars of the federal IT world to help make operations run smoothly, seamlessly and maneuver easily.  No matter what technology is touted, or how service oriented and agile the applications are — especially cloud-based or SAAS environments — technology systems must be designed and implemented to support the business or mission and enable processes. If integrated IT systems don’t work or fail, the business or mission may be in jeopardy. The only insurance any enterprise or organization has is a fully articulated and robust EA program.

EA is about understanding the business, the mission and how to maintain, improve, fix or transform it, often involving IT as a transformational mechanism. It helps an agency understand inter-relationships between investments, minimize duplication, improve interoperability and compatibility between systems, and is essential to any agency’s modernization. Every agency has an EA now, but it is not something that can be deployed and forgotten. EA must be kept current and every agency must regularly evaluate how it is working, in order to avoid damaging the enterprise or jeopardizing secure network systems.

Learn how to keep your EA plans relevant and effective for today’s challenges at the 17th annual Enterprise Architecture Conference & Expo.



Education Advisory Board

Chris Beckford, Chief Executive Officer, eTRANSERVICES Corp.

Scott A. Bernard, Ph.D., Federal Chief Enterprise Architect, Executive Office of the President of the United States, Office of Management and Budget

Chris Chilbert, Chief Information Officer, Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General

Cort Coghill, Director, Education Operations, FEAC Institute

Steven Corey-Bey, Chief Enterprise Architect, Chief Investment and Acquisition Management Team, U.S. Department of Education

Michael Fairless, Branch Chief, Servers and Storage Branch, Securities and Exchange Commission

Bernard Gordon, Chief Enterprise Architect, National Park Service

Terry Horning, Enterprise Architect, Federal Aviation Administration

Jeffrey Osborn, Chief Architect, National Command Program, Area Applied Physics Lab, Johns Hopkins University

Arthur Smith, Enterprise Architect, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Mike Smoyer, President, Digital Government Institute

Martha Tartal, Enterprise Architect, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Nicole Willis, Director, Architecture and Planning Implementation, Department of Homeland Security







Ronald Reagan Building
The Polaris Suite

1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC

The Federal Triangle metro stop (orange/blue lines) is located on site.

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Conference: Enterprise Architecture Conference & Expo - April 27, 2017 8


Conference: Enterprise Architecture Conference & Expo - April 26, 2018