Conference: Migrating to Trust: Securing the Identity-Based Digital Fabric of Government Seminar - November 9, 2017


January 31, 2018

Conference: Migrating to Trust – Securing the Identity-Based Digital Fabric of Government


Technologies today allow government employees and citizens instant access to information from anywhere, but there are various security risks always at play. One of the biggest risks is verifying identities of users authorized to access this information.  Public Sector entities need a comprehensive approach and framework for instant information access to protect against the dynamic, pervasive threats and allow in only authorized users.


How do we move government agencies and citizens to a high level of trust?  “Migrating to Trust:  Securing the Identity-Based Digital Fabric of Government” half-day seminar will focus in on technologies and solutions mitigating personal-based risk both in government and the private sector using identity management, biometrics and more. Gartner recently shared that identity and access management (IAM), identity as a service (IDaaS) and user authentication remain the biggest cloud growth mover in today’s market. Specific examples of proven solutions of risk assessment of people coming to the U.S. will be explored to include cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), virtualization, and available software to track everything from insider threats to data used to keep cities safe to include government agency clearance and compliance processes.  Implemented and proven solutions available today in the Justice & Law Enforcement fields and Customs & Border Protection environments will be analyzed and reviewed.  

Learning objectives:

  • The five keys to trusted and secure identity management
  • How to Improve business outcomes for government agencies to include: cost savings, improved agility, conduct secure high value business operations, and improved regulatory compliance
  • Migrate to a complete lifecycle of trusted transactions across the internet through conclusive authentication by knowing agency users and trusted sources

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