Cloud Performance Monitoring

On-Demand – 30 minutes




Performance monitoring of cloud environments can be complex, considering it involves internal and external networks, cloud service providers, as well as a range of relationships and dependencies. This is even further complicated with hybrid IT, since it involves a mix of cloud services along with keeping some critical infrastructure in-house.

This webinar will detail how government agencies can monitor individual component performance and visualize dependencies to create a unified view of their cloud infrastructure. This is designed to not only support advanced troubleshooting, but also generate performance data and reporting to help achieve agency cloud objectives and service level agreements (SLAs).

Register and plan to attend this webinar and learn how to:
Leverage next generation maps with summary and detailed views, including dependencies
Monitor network paths to track latency or confirm configuration errors and changes
Utilize APIs provided by cloud providers to collect available metrics
Deploy server agents to gather more performance metrics about agency cloud environments


  • Paul Parker, Chief Technologist, Federal and National Government, SolarWinds
  • Mike Smoyer, President, Digital Government Institute
  • Rich Roberts, Senior Federal Sales Engineer, SolarWinds




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