Fishing the Data Lake: How To Reel in Real Value from Your Big Data Holdings

On-Demand | One Hour Duration




Organizations are awash in data like never before. With low storage costs and on-demand compute, powerful big data analytics solutions are available to the masses. Creating a data lake has never been easier. Getting value from it, however, can be elusive. While visualization tools and modern Business Intelligence platforms get all of the hype, there’s a lot that needs to take place behind the scenes to actually gain valuable insights from massive troves of raw data.

During this complimentary one-hour webinar, industry leading vendors will share:

  • How Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes big data accessible
  • How to reduce time-to-value through automated platform management
  • How to blend together disparate data sources at scale to create valuable insights



Myles Anderson, NovettaMyles Anderson, Director of Cloud Services, Novetta





Howard Levenson, DatabricksHoward Levenson, Federal Director, Databricks















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  Webinar: Fishing the Data Lake - How to Reel in Real Value from Your Data Holdings





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