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2017 Playbook for Federal Records Management 2
Federal records managers are facing a perfect storm in records management: OMB directives require that agencies transition to all electronic records Agency record volumes are growing exponentially Record formats and platforms are proliferating Records are constantly under cyberattack New political leaders are unaware of records requirements and risks How can
Producing 930gov is a bit like staging an Inaugural Ball. You plan for a year, the big day arrives, you have everyone you respect in one place, there’s this action-packed whirlwind of activity, and BAM! it feels like the whole thing is over in minutes. As the dust settles, you’re
Enterprise Architecture Post
The flagship session at the 2016 Customer Service & Experience Conference at  930gov  just might be the 15th Annual Government Customer Service Excellence Awards. Every year, we recognize professionals who take customer service to the next level in some of the most challenging environments in government. But as I’m looking
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Philip Droege is an interesting guy—with an even more interesting job.He’s the Director, Office of Records Management for the Executive Office of the President EOP. Which means two things: He’s in charge of maintaining the paper trail for the president, vice president, and all their deputies, assistants, counsels, and other
Knowledge Management Post
As we develop the Knowledge Management (KM) conference agenda for 930gov and I continue to talk to our speakers, a clear theme emerged: There are several common pitfalls that knock KM initiatives off track.Most of these pitfalls stem from the lack of a common definition of KM that can be easily understood—especially
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Thirty years ago, the live event government marketplace was a completely different realm. Back then, great tradeshows stalked the earth and the apex predator for federal marketing dollars was an annual “Tradeshow and Conference” filling the prior Washington Convention Center multiple times each year.Fast forward to the present and it’s