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DGI is an unbiased media outlet which aggregates news stories from a variety of industry resources. Below you will find a collection of articles on essential government IT management topics. 

  DGI Executive Insights Interview with DC Central Kitchen Chief Development Officer Alexander Moore How long have you been at DC Central Kitchen and what do you do there? I first joined DC Central Kitchen as an undergraduate intern in the spring of 2006. In my junior year of college, I reluctantly
    Where IT comes together – an Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning Mike Smoyer While there are numerous professional development opportunities for government employees, most are specialized, focusing on single issues such as Cyber, Customer Experience, Records/Information Management, Data Management, Cloud, IT Modernization etc. The unfortunate trend the past decade,
It has been an interesting year in the Government IT channel.  The Presidential election last Fall leading to a new administration in January, a budget process stuck in continuing resolution mode, rapidly advancing technology and the pressing need for agencies to modernize made the first two quarters of the government
What are the top trends directing the field of Knowledge Management in 2017? Read the full article published by here.
Security in the cloud
Is there a secret weapon in the ongoing quest to afford IT modernization in the Federal government? What can be done about the billions of dollars of outdated technology? Read the full article published by Federal News Radio here.
The Justice Department’s Office of Information Policy is working to create one portal where citizens can easily go to request documents covered by FOIA. The goal is to have something operational by the end of the calendar year. Read the full article published on here.
NARA estimated that 92% of agencies would meet the 2016 email management goal to manage email records in electronic format, but in reality only about 81% of agencies managed to hit this target. Read the full article published on here.
The new administration wants the federal government to run more efficiently at at reduced cost. Investing and and implementing new technology is a key way that government can reduce costs. Read the full article published on here.
Basic standards for website performance include security, speed, accessibility for users with disabilities and ease of mobile access. Unfortunately, only eight percent of the most viewed federal websites meet the basic standards. Many of the federal websites do not event meet U.S government requirements for the web. Read the full
System modernizations are an area that the government can no longer ignore, with the threat of security breaches and business risks continuing to grow with older technologies. Read the full article published on here.