EDRM Conference 3.31.2022

Event Recap: 19th Annual E-Discovery, Records & Information Management Conference

According to Gartner, “at least 85% of all processes in the government begin with some sort of a form and end with some sort of a record”, says MJ Jackson with DocuSign. Given the magnitude of documents being processed and the M-19-21 directive, government agencies need insight into how to provide secure storage, access and retrieval of government records. In the 19th Annual Conference on E-Discovery Records Information Management, key government and industry experts gathered to address many of the …

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Building CX Business Case

Event Recap: Building CX Business Case

With the increase momentum of CX across government agencies, DGI produced a virtual workshop on Building a CX Business Case. “66% of government leaders agree CX is a priority”, while “57% report that CX is still not owned at a leadership level”, says Dr. Sam Coy, Solutions Consultant with Zendesk. Given that and the number of recent directives with the administration’s “renewed focus on building trust and equity” and “delivering excellent, equitable, and secure Federal services”, DGI thought it extremely …

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