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About DGI

This photo tells our story.

It shows the members of a government technical community attending a typical Digital Government Institute conference program. 

Attendees are highly engaged because it’s actually their event—designed with their input to focus solely on their interests. 


we support communities Of Interest

Government communities of interest are existing cross-agency coalitions of government professionals who are working to advance knowledge in specific subject matter areas. These are groups of professionals whose members know each other and collaborate to achieve common goals.

All DGI events and content center on supporting communities of interest. DGI curates focused events where community members gather to share their knowledge, challenges, and successes – now in a virtual format. 


By communitIES, for communitIES

DGI events are developed by community of interest members or under the supervision of a community advisory group. They reflect the current concerns and interests of the communities DGI supports. 

For more than 20 years, we’ve been delivering substantial, useful information from recognized experts and practitioners. Our role is to provide a venue, facilitate the conversation, and manage the details of staging events.

This enables community members to focus on what’s important: solving technical challenges and moving the mission forward. 


capture relationships & NEW OPPORTUNITIES

DGI promotes sponsors who engage with the communities of interest in meaningful ways. We believe in substance over sales, that’s why we work with our sponsors to create thought leadership content and provide opportunities for them to share successes, solutions, and insights within our communities through webinars, training seminars, and conferences.  




DGI’s management team has over 45 years of event and management experience. 


Mike Smoyer, president

Mike is well known in the federal community for his enthusiastic support of continuing education in government.

As the President of DGI, Mike works with government communities of interest to identify topics and develop programs.

Based on those relationships, Mike leads the production of 930gov, training, webinars, and all other DGI content.

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OUR history

Christina Nelson, a leader in government conference management, founded the Digital Government Institute in 1998, to convene conferences that were solely focused on educating government on technology.

Event programs were designed by advisory councils that included leaders in each field, to ensure the value of each topic and speaker to the audiences, to bring together government and industry in educational forums where ideas could be shared.