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DGI curates focused, in-depth programs where communities of interest gather to share their knowledge and success.

DGI is known for delivering substantial, useful information from recognized experts and practitioners.

DGI enables technology and service providers to authentically engage with technical communities.



60-75 percent of DGI attendees are government employees

I promise that DGI will curate only gold-standard programs that provide in-depth, expert knowledge—to directly advance the success of communities, agencies, programs, and the vendors that support them.

— MIKE SMOYER, President 

ATTENDEE Evaluations

“The content was very applicable. The speakers were excellent. We will definitely attend next year.”


“What a wealth of experience and knowledge! The sessions were outstanding, interactive, clear, and informative.”


“I really enjoyed this event. The speakers really knew how to get to the heart of the matter quickly and ina way that made sense.”


sponsor Evaluations


“We made valuable connections at the expo and had a great time while doing so. We will be back next year, this was a great investment for our team.”


“This was the most records management people yet in one place! We were very busy and very happy with the traffic and quality of attendees.”



How DGI Defines the Gold Standard:


DGI Eliminates the downsides of lead-gen:


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Alison Quatrini 

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