Event Recap: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Records Management

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Records Management

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“Given the last six to eight months, I think we need to declare this year ‘The Year of Artificial Intelligence,’” said Ray Davis with Feith Systems. “AI is just everywhere. Whether it’s a TV, whether it’s on blogs, or a records management association meeting,” he added. But why do agencies need AI? AIIM’s President & CEO, Tori Miller Liu, pointed out that “with hybrid work, with expanding demand on output on data generation, we’re seeing the result of overall information volume. Reports indicate that there are at least 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day.”

Given the extreme growth and impact of AI, government agencies are struggling to keep up. When DGI participants were polled about whether or not they currently had AI guidelines or a policy in place, only 11% said they did. This leaves 89% with a tremendous opportunity to close the gap with of AI advancements and regulation. Angela Kovach with Everlaw had a message, however, to proceed slowly and thoughtfully. “The reality is, we are entering a new era. It’s here to stay, but we have to be cautious and take the right approach before we just start utilizing things right out of the box,” she said. This virtual workshop covered several topics, including:

  • What AI is, how it came to be, and where it’s needed within organizations
  • Difference between generative AI and other forms of AI
  • AI regulation and ethics
  • Benefits of records retention
  • Limitations of ML for application and records management
  • How records management interfaces with emerging technologies within a state infrastructure
  • The role of SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft with AI and records management
  • Behind-the-scenes look at how Oregon State Archives manages records retention policy, development methods and training as well as an electronic records space

Sponsors: Everlaw and Feith Systems & Software

Registration for FISMA Training Closes Monday, September 11, 2023