Event Recap: Built for Government: Incorporating an Increased Scope for Your Modernization Plans

Built for Government: Incorporating an Increased Scope for Modernization Plans

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How do government agencies plan beyond cloud migrations and yet-to-be-imagined technologies? Software AG Government Solutions has “learned quite a bit”, said Jeff Chancellor, Principal Systems Engineer, as the company has interviewed their “customers across the globe about the questions that are asked most often from the executives” to answer how “to increase customer experience and customer satisfaction scores.” With that, Chancellor added that it’s important to “understand the business and IT strategies that are the guardrails of any modernization effort…which are driven by the business needs.” Likewise, it’s critical to remember that “staff is a very important aspect of this transformation and modernization.” They “modernize along with the systems and technologies we’re using.” The primary goal of DGI and Chancellor with this webinar is to leave those who watch it with at least the “key activities to deliver business value for your agency.” To that end, Chancellor provided “words of wisdom, best practices, and suggestions” that include:

  • Codifying your business vision, goals, and objectives into an accessible location
  • Understand external trends and change drivers that affect your efforts
  • The concept of business process mining
  • Cloud migration planning and identifying KPI’s against standards
  • Using API’s and API strategy
  • Adding new digital business capabilities into documented future strategies
  • The People, Process, and Technology Triangle
  • Understanding your “cloud footprint” and its costs

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