Event Recap: CDM Update

CDM Update 2023

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According to former government CIO and current Federal CTO with ServiceNow, Jonathan Alboum reminded us that “cybersecurity now is more important than it’s ever been. And one of the tools that has become critically important to agencies is the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program. [It’s] a key part of every agency’s cyber framework and to meet requirements.” When asked, “how has CDM evolved over the years?”, Armis’s Matthew Shallbetter’s response was “not enough”. Conversely, he said what makes CDM successful is, “instead of treating it like a compliance activity, working it into [an agency’s] business, so the data is fresh, they’re using it in incident response, using it in audit, and sharing across all components of the department.” In addition, “It’s not good enough for products, to operate in a silo,” according to Carahsoft’s Alex Whitworth. He stated, “a multi-vendor solution that solves public sector customers’ needs, mandates or requirements, is really what’s being required from government today.” With that, government and industry experts addressed the following topics in greater detail during this two-hour virtual workshop:

  • Are agencies spending money in the right place?
  • What agencies should be thinking about today, so they are prepared for the future
  • How CDM has evolved over the years and key lessons learned
  • How the convergence of information technology and operation and technology is impacting CDM
  • How important automation is to CDM and what role it plays
  • How to report once and distribute to many
  • CDM’s ability to support IPv6
  • How AI will impact CDM efforts
  • Implementing reliable and scalable CDM
  • Addressing CDM challenges

Sponsors: Armis, Carahsoft, ServiceNow

Registration for FISMA Training Closes Monday, September 11, 2023