Event Recap: Empowering the Government Workforce with Data: OPM’s Workforce Evolution

Empowering the Government Workforce with Data: OPM's Workforce Evolution slide

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One key problem with modernization efforts, said Melvin Brown with OPM, is that “everybody focuses on technology; we don’t focus on the people… just turning on the technology doesn’t make you more modern.” According to Ted Kaouk, also with OPM, “People are the most important asset in leveraging data.” With that, the “Office of Personnel Management is charged with creating the next generation of the federal workforce”, Jonathan Alboum of ServiceNow reminded us. He added that “this is one small step in building a government that we deserve.”

During this one-hour webinar, DGI convened a panel to address the issues most presently relevant to agency’s that need to evolve and modernize their workforce. Topics covered include:

  • Relevance of employee experience and systems thinking
  • Leadership core competencies
  • How to develop data skills in the workforce
  • What kind of data is common across agencies
  • How modernization efforts are impacting employee experience
  • How to integrate well-seasoned and new workforces
  • Where agencies get started in their human capital efforts
  • How agencies get involved with OPM

Sponsor: ServiceNow

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