Event Recap: Hybrid Cloud Best Practices

Hybrid Cloud Best Practices

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“Hybrid cloud refers to a computing environment that combines elements of both public and private clouds,” said Tony James with Red Hat. Why care? Nutanix’s Chip George reminded us that “today, there’s no shortage of data. People want to learn from that data through standard AI or ML analytics.” In addition, Anna Levine at Red Hat added “when we look at our customers’ primary challenges, they have so many different vendors in their data centers. Managing such a diverse group of providers, software and hardware providers really lead to vulnerabilities. Having a standardized environment [however] really allows for zero trust to take hold.” Given the complexity and evolution of hybrid cloud environments over the last decade, DGI brought together a number of experts to help government agencies navigate their own journeys. Topics included:

  • Hybrid cloud lessons learned and best practices
  • How three cloud providers work together to simplify and automate the hybrid cloud journey: Intel, Nutanix & Red Hat.
  • Using science to make data a community asset
  • Risks associated with hybrid cloud
  • Matching up hardware to current security standards and challenges
  • How AI and ML will impact data

Sponsors: Intel, Nutanix, and Red Hat

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