Event Recap: Improving Public Sector Customer Experience

Improving Public Sector Customer Experience

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A positive Customer Experience (CX) is essential. That is clear. But how can agencies create them and why is there such a push to address it now? Angy Peterson from Granicus reminded us of Joe Biden’s Executive Order where he calls on the federal government to “design and deliver services… that people of all abilities can navigate…” In terms of the how, from Paul Smith’s perspective, “closing the gap between consumer technology and public service is the key to improving CX” and in order to do so, government agencies “must consistently deliver on the public’s expectations.” With a number of years working with agencies, John Loveless with ServiceNow also added that “change starts at the top… going digital is a mindset. It’s a culture change.” In this virtual conference, seven industry leaders addressed a number of ways to cultivate a successful CX program, including:

  • Early learning and tips gained from launching NASA’s CX program
  • Case studies on Stanford University and DOD CX portal technology
  • Cultivating equitable and effective services for all, per NARA
  • The importance of people, process, and technology
  • The value of listening, trust, transparency, empathy, collaboration, and patience
  • Use cases for AI and advanced SEO
  • Risks of AI in the government
  • Maturity model for CX programs
  • 3 keys to experiential success
  • 4 phases of communication

Sponsors: AdHoc LLC, Granicus & ServiceNow

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