Event Recap: Modernizing Information Governance

Modernizing Information Governance

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“In today’s world where a global event can suddenly shift, what data is needed for informed decision-making,” asked Kevin Bohan of Denodo Technologies?” He added, “three key areas that government agencies want to focus on around data management are leveraging data as an asset, modernizing infrastructure, such as integrating the cloud and protecting information.” Ray Davis of Feith Systems expanded on this when he said, “Information Governance and AI are important to agencies because they are going to be of value for our future programs…We need to take a look at AI and how it can help us use information in a much more valuable way.” During this virtual workshop, these experts and others covered a range of topics relevant to effective data management, including:

  • the “Information Optimist”: Going from a focus on risk and cost to data as an asset
  • privacy, FOIA and compliance processes
  • challenges balancing transparency and privacy
  • how private sector is approaching data management
  • how to build an agile data architecture
  • how to use data as your competitive advantage
  • the Army as a governance case study.
SPONSORS: Denodo, Feith Systems and Software