Event Recap: Total Experience: Putting People First to Improve Mission Outcomes

Total Experience: Putting People First to Improve Mission Outcomes

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According to Jonathan Alboum with ServiceNow, “total experience, TX is equal to CX, customer experience, plus EX, employee experience and UX, user experience. Many know that the customer experience Executive Order came from the White House. Alboum also sees this as “a call for improving employee experiences” and adds “when you have great employee experiences, you get a really engaged workforce, and that engaged workforce is going to deliver better customer service.” This is how all three are connected. But where does an agency start? From AJ Siegel’s perspective, it’s best to be “as early in the project as possible to understand the goals for the agency’s mission and the needs of the users that have to fulfill that mission.” In terms of approach, he recommends to “go slow to go fast” and Amanda Damewood, USCIS emphasizes the need for those undertaking these initiatives to focus on “languages, people, and understand what’s important to them.”

DGI brought to the table experience both inside and outside the government to ‘take a deeper dive’ on critical topics around TX including:

  • State and evolution of TX at NASA and across government agencies
  • The connection between customer success and people’s jobs
  • Balance of profit and customer goals
  • What success looks like for a TX upgrade project and how to measure it
  • How to get key stakeholder buy in to a new approach and maintain engagement
  • The role of change management, AI and citizen development in TX

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