Event Recap: Unlocking Data to Achieve Agency Mission

Unlocking Data to Achieve Agency Mission

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Data is found in systems, such as “reports, dashboards, and data warehouses.” Although, in these forms, the data is “easy to read”, it only allows “one view of it”. Following the “trends and changes in data over time is how you turn data into knowledge,” said Bob Jeffcott with Software AG Government Solutions. Brendan Schultz with Snowflake, a Software AG affiliate, reported that at least one “large federal agency saw an 80/20 split in their data analytics practice” where “80% of their time was spent finding the data and the remaining 20% was used on value-add initiatives and insights from the data.” The purpose of intentionally managing data is “to
break down data silos and combine data, so the 80/20 ratio is flipped.”

Dr. Lindsey Saul of the Defense Logistics Agency added that effective data management “requires an easy way for people to understand it, so they can use the data to expedite decision making and uncover opportunities.” It’s not just about the technology and knowledge, however. A critical success factor in data transformation is leadership and the most important leadership skill is to “ask and listen,” said Mark Krzysko with the DOD. In this virtual workshop, agency leaders and service providers offered the following information:

  • Behind-the-scenes demo of Snowflake, a data cloud system that is fully managed and integrated into existing systems
  • DLA Case Study: Enterprise-wide strategic data analysis mission
  • DOD Case Study: Successful data product evolution
  • How to “democratize data” and what it means
  • The role of data analysts and software engineers with stream sets
  • How to ensure data is secure and scalable to meet increased workloads
  • How to make a both philosophical and technical transformation
  • What it takes to be a data leader
  • The value of culture, intellectual curiosity, and effective communication
  • How to pivot from “WWII manufacturing workforce thinking” to “knowledge workers”

Sponsors: Software AG Government Solutions and its affiliate Snowflake

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