AGENDA – August 20, 2019

Times and titles subject to change

7:30am   Registration Opens
8:10am   Welcome & Opening Remarks
Dr. Mansur Hasib   Dr. Mansur Hasib, CISSP, PMP, CPHIMS, Cybersecurity and Healthcare Leader, Program Chair, Cybersecurity Technology, The Graduate School, University of Maryland Global Campus (MC)
8:15am   Next Generation Cybersecurity and Risk Management Guidance—2019 and Beyond
Ron Ross NIST   Ron Ross, Ph.D., Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology
9:00am   Simplifying Complexity with Availability, Protection, and Insight
Speaker Placeholder   Brett Hartmann, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Data Protection Engineer, Veritas Technologies, LLC- Federal Civilian
     Session Synopsis: Complexity ruins IT’s ability to support business. And it’s only getting worse. More data, more threats, and more regulations to deal with across an IT landscape that is more fragmented than ever before. Starting over is a non-option, but how do you move forward while meeting the fundamental data management needs of proper availability, protection, insight? We need and expect that our applications are always available, we expect data is protected and recoverable no matter where it lives, and we know data can help deliver key insights that contribute to operational efficiency, cost optimization, and regulatory readiness.  Standardizing on a platform reduces the complexity inundating IT and brings the technology to address the issues end to end – keeping mission-critical workloads highly available, protecting data no matter where it sits, and insights to optimize costs and regulatory readiness.
9:30am   Visit Exhibit Hall & Networking Break
10:15am   Update: Cyberspace Solarium Commission
Suzanne Spaulding   Suzanne Spaulding, Senior Adviser, Homeland Security, International Security Program, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
    Session Synopsis: Frustrated with the lack of a single, governmentwide strategy on curbing large-scale cyber threats, a bipartisan group of lawmakers has launched a public-private partnership aimed at filling some of the gaps left by an amalgam of White House and agency policies. The Cyberspace Solarium Commission (CSC) takes its name from a task force convened by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1953 to craft a plan to combat threats from the Soviet Union. The private-sector membership also includes several former government executives — such as former undersecretary of DHS’s National Protection and Programs Directorate Suzanne Spaulding. The organization will focus its work on three pillars: “persistent” engagement with adversaries, deterrence, and building international cyber norms and standards.  
11:00am   Securing Social Media
Deric Palmer SA, US Army CID   SA Deric Palmer, Digital Persona Protection Program Manager, Major Cybercrime Unit, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID)
11:30am   The Cybersecurity Staffing Crisis: Finding Talent Outside the Box
Speaker Placeholder   Tony Holmes, Practice Lead for Public Sector Solution Architects, Pluralsight
12:00pm   Visit Exhibit Hall & Networking Lunch Break
1:15pm   Cyber Townhall: Past, Present, Future
Emery Csulak DoE   Emery Csulak, CISO, Department of Energy
Lawrence Hale, GSA   Lawrence C. Hale, Director, IT Security Subcategory, GSA
Sana Saleh   Sana Saleh, Director, Partner Forces and Cyber Law/Policy Professor, Institute of World Politics
2:00pm   Government Spear Phishing Testing and Training: What’s Missing
Dr. Arun Vishmanath   Arun Vishwanath, PhD, MBA, Chief Technologist, Avant Research Group, LLC
    Session Synopsis: Spear phishing continues to be the most common attack used by hackers. The hacker’s methodology has become more virulent, thanks to the availability of sophisticated malware. Troves of people’s personal information from previous breaches combined with ongoing developments in machine learning that can deep-dive into this stolen data can be used to craft highly effective attacks. User education must consistently be updated and evaluated to keep pace with the changing threats. Using data and real-life examples, Arun will share how many training programs are inadequate to combat today’s threats.  
3:00pm   Conference Concludes
3:00-4:00pm   7th annual 930gov Networking Reception