Virtual Records Management Conference @930gov

jUNE 10, 2020

Virtual Records Management CONFERENCE @930gov




8:25AM   Welcome and Opening Remarks

Mike Smoyer, President, Digital Government Institute

8:30AM   Digital Government: Continuing the Transition
Laurence Brewer, Chief Records Officer, U.S. Government
9:15AM   You Need to Reproduce Text Messages that are on Agency Phones.  Now what? – Problem Solver

John Rowe, Vice President of Sales, Government, Smarsh

9:30AM   Unlock Your Siloed Content: Take the Offensive When Managing Content to Address Federal Regulations – Problem Solver
Kevin Dowd,
Strategic Content Specialist, ASG Technologies
10:00AM   The Why, When, and How to Conduct a Privacy Assessment

Rebecca Richards, Director Civil Liberties and Privacy Office, NSA

10:45AM   Seamless Transition to Effective Digital Government: A Case Study – Problem Solver
Alex Sisserson,
Product Manager, Iron Mountain
11:00AM   Data Privacy Brings Records Management Front and Center! – Problem Solver

David W. Gould, WW Senior Director, Secure Content Management Solutions, Micro Focus

Data Privacy has become a powerful driver of Information Governance and Records Management programs. And the Privacy landscape is changing quickly. For the Records Management professional, it is imperative to stay abreast of the latest legal and regulatory developments and to be able to work across the organization to ensure that Records Management programs address Privacy concerns proactively and effectively.

11:15AM   Improve Response Time and Compliance for FOIA / Public Records Processing Using FedRAMP Solutions with Integrated Records Management – Problem Solver
Ray Azarm,
Vice President of Enterprise Practice, Armedia

As organizations look to modernize their mission-critical applications to become more efficient and support a remote and distributed workforce, Alfresco, Ephesoft and Armedia have teamed up to create an innovative solution for FOIA and legal case management. Customers have reported over 60% increase in efficiency, while remaining secure and accessible. Learn how we can have you up and running within 90 days.

11:30AM   From Digitization to Preservation – Lessons Learned Collecting & Archiving 700,000+ Digitized Images of Historical Records
Daniel Genkins, Postdoctoral Fellow in History, Vanderbilt University

Since 2003, the Slave Societies Digital Archive has collected more than 700,000 digitized images of historical records documenting the lives of millions of Africans and people of African descent in North and South America. Members of the core team, from universities in the U.S., Canada, and Brazil, travel to project sites throughout Latin America, where they train volunteers and archivists to digitize government records from their communities. The archive is close to 20 terabytes with the goal to ensure this historical information—including some from documents that no longer exist physically—is accessible to future generations. The presentation will cover issues associated with storing High Resolution photos of paper documents, building the digital archive and metadata, challenges with data file names, expense to store such a large volume of data and the movement to the cloud, and language translation issues.
12:15PM   Closing Remarks

Mike Smoyer, President, Digital Government Institute