Intersection of Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

august 25, 2021 | 11AM ET



Many government agencies are trying to be adaptive, agile, and innovative to improve performance and achieve mission objectives. But, at times, this can be a challenge considering the number of internal and external constraints on the agency. Incorporating business intelligence best practices into an agency’s knowledge management program can assist the agency in having the right information in the right place at the right time to enable informed decisions and to create new knowledge.

During the webinar, we will share examples of how a few agencies are using Business Intelligence as part of their Knowledge Management program to :
– Speed up Access to Information
– Improve the Efficiency of Business Units
– Promote Innovation and Information Sharing
– Increase Customer Satisfaction
– Demonstrate Value of KM Efforts



Lillie Gilkey, Program Manager, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Command Operations (ECO), IT Operations and Services (ITOPS), Office of Information and Technology (OIT), US Department of Veterans Affairs*


Christopher Rinehart, AASIT, CKM, CEH, SEC+, Accounts Management, Special Projects, AC/S G6, Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC)

*Pending Agency Approval