December 11, 2019

Cloud Computing CONFERENCE & EXPO 




8:25AM   Welcome and Opening Remarks
Mike Smoyer, DGI   Mike Smoyer, President, Digital Government Institute
Robert Leahy IRS   Robert Leahy, Deputy CIO, Operations, IRS

Multi-Year Plan to Strengthen Cyber and Improve the Taxpayer Experience

In 2019, the IRS released a multi-year Modernization Plan focusing on how the agency interacts with taxpayers and the tax community while improving cyber protections and IT systems. Part of the plan is to use innovative technologies and processes, such as Cloud, Agile, DevOps, APIs, RPA and next generation infrastructure, to reduce costs and manual effort.

David Egts Red Hat   Dave Egts, Chief Technologist North America Public Sector, Red Hat

From Cloud First to Cloud Smart: Best Practices to Accelerate Government Innovation

An agency’s IT journey should be based on business and mission demands. Cloud Smart helps move an agency from traditional to cloud-enabled work environments on an agency’s term and timeline. The integrated components work with existing infrastrucuture investments to tailor your cloud to your environment and needs.

10:00AM   Networking/Coffee Break
Jonathan Feibus NRC   Jonathan Feibus, Chief Information Security Officer and Acting Deputy Director, System Development and Operations Division, OCIO, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Secure Cloud Migration  – Lessons Learned

Government agencies need to understand what controls are in place in the cloud, what controls are needed to be in place when transferring data to the cloud and how do agencies ensure the data is appropriately protected and managed.

Brian Conrad GSA   Brian Conrad, FedRAMP Program Manager for Cybersecurity, GSA

FedRAMP 2020 – What Lies Ahead and Lessons Learned

The ‘Realm of the Possible’ will be shared, covering what is new with FedRAMP, successes to date and how agencies can increase confidence and security visibility with a standardized approach.

12:15PM   Attendee Networking Lunch & Visit Sponsor Exhibits
Chris Chilbert HHS OIG   Chris Chilbert, CIO, HHS OIG

Adopting Cloud While Managing Legacy Infrastructure and TIC

This session will cover how an agency dealt with Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) requirements and how they approached adopting cloud while managing a legacy infrastructure.

1:45PM   Transferring Workloads Between Cloud Service Providers and More – Ask the Experts

A panel of Cloud Subject Matter Experts will address audience and moderator questions on the pressing issues of the day impacting the federal government’s migration to Cloud solutions.

Mike Smoyer, DGI   Mike Smoyer, President, Digital Government Institute (Moderator)
Adam Clater Red Hat   Adam Clater, Chief Architect, North America Public Sector, Red Hat
Dan Elam Active Navigation   Dan Elam, VP, Information Governance, Active Navigation
Graham Sibley Collabware   Graham Sibley, CEO, Collabware
2:30PM   Closing Remarks