August 28, 2018

Conference: Cyber & IT Security Conference @930gov - September 6, 2017 1







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7:30am   Registration Opens
8:15am   Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security – Moving Forward in 2019
Matthew Travis, DHS   Matthew Travis, Deputy Undersecretary, National Programs and Protection Directorate, Department of Homeland Security
9:00am   Best Practices for Detecting and Protecting Against Insider Threats
Timothy Jones, ForeScout   Tim Jones, Director of Systems Engineering Public Sector, ForeScout Technologies
Paul Parker, SolarWinds   Paul Parker,  Chief Technologist, Federal and National Government, SolarWinds
9:45am   Visit Exhibit Hall & Networking Break
10:15am   Cyber-Physical Collaboration – Connected State, Local, Partners
Scott Tousley, DHS   Scott Tousley, Deputy Director, Cyber Security Division, Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency
11:00am   Navigating the Cyber Landscape in Government
Haryi Tarhan, Oracle   Hayri Tarhan, Regional Vice President, Security and Management Cloud, Oracle Public Sector
    Government agencies represent ground zero for cyber threats.  A large majority of IT security professionals in US federal agencies disclosed that at least one breach had occurred at their respective agencies. Threats of all types are increasingly sophisticated and better organized.  Spearfishing, ransomware, hacktivism, and election tampering are becoming full-fledged industries with remarkably low barriers to entry.  Modern day security approaches can no longer be trusted to secure mission-critical agency data. This session explores the latest tools and strategies required to effectively predict, detect and respond to today’s most insidious threats. 
11:30am   Modernization Needs to Start with (Holistic) Security
Rees Johnson, Symantec   Rees Johnson, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Strategy, Symantec
12:00pm   Visit Exhibit Hall & Networking Lunch Break
1:15pm   Top Tips for Reducing Response and Reaction Time to Improve Security
Brandon Finney, Crowdstrike   Brandon Finney, Director Professional Services,  Crowdstrike
Scott Hubert, TITUS   Scott Hubert, Director Product Management, TITUS
2:00pm   Cyber Leadership: Balance Between Strategic and Tactical
George Jakabcin, Treasury   George Jakabcin, CIO, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, Department of the Treasury
Todd McKeever, NTIS   Todd McKeever, CISO, OCIO, National Technical Information Service, Department of Commerce, NTIS
Victor Robles, CISO for Analytics, Insider Threat, and Open Source Intelligence, Army G2(DAMI-IM)   Victor Robles, CISO, Analytics, Insider Threat and Open Source Intelligence, Army G2
3:00pm   Conference Concludes
3:00-4:30pm   6th annual 930gov Networking Reception