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MARCH 16, 2017

Improving Digital Government Through IT Modernization


A good portion of the annual Federal IT spend is allocated to keep legacy systems functioning, draining precious funds away from modernizing systems and capabilities.  Costs to maintain these end-of-life systems continue to grow as they age, leaving systems increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats.


In 2017, the trend will be to retire expensive legacy IT systems and modernize information technology systems so agencies can

  1. More easily achieve mission objectives
  2. Dramatically reduce operating investments and most importantly
  3. Improve service delivery and performance


IT Modernization efforts can not only dramatically improve existing agency service capabilities but also create the platform to provide leading-edge solutions now and into the future.

Conference Details:

Join Federal IT officials, Enterprise Architects and other government officials interested in improving citizen services to learn how, through IT Modernization, agencies can retire legacy systems and deliver improved outcomes. Learn about:

  • Leveraging legacy operations to improve service delivery capabilities
  • Replacing digitizing service delivery to reduce effort and improve accountability and transparency
  • Delivering an effortless citizen experience, where teams connect to fix issues and proactively prevent calls
  • Connecting departments, workflows, systems, resolve issues, and automate service across the enterprise
  • Monitoring critical infrastructure to identify trends, pinpoint issues, send preemptive communications and proactively resolve problems before they escalate
  • Enabling multi-channel (web, mobile, email, phone) interaction to deliver citizen services in a modern fashion
  • Use-cases and tangible examples of how Federal agencies are transforming delivery services 





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