August 28, 2018

Conference: IT Modernization Conference @930gov - September 6, 2017 1








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7:30am   Registration Opens
8:30am   Workforce Development, Accountability and Delivering Results
Suzette K. Kent, OMB   Suzette K. Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President
8:50am    IT Modernization in Government – The Right Approach at the Right Time
Arron Cornfeld, Oracle   Aaron Cornfeld, Group Vice President Sales Engineering, Oracle Public Sector and Higher Education
    With the administration’s push to modernize IT systems across government, including the President’s Management Agenda and the Modernizing Government Technology Act, the time to develop an effective strategy starts today. Cloud services across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offer the clearest path for success – helping reduce costs with optimal security. Learn how Oracle’s complete and integrated cloud services can help agencies stay compliant, transform legacy IT systems and fully leverage transformational technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain. This session will help your agency start your journey to the cloud, outline deployment options and give you the tools to succeed.
9:30am   Visit Exhibit Hall & Networking Break
10:15am   Improving Mission Performance Through Architecture, Modernization and Leadership
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio   Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio (Moderator)
Steven Corey-Bey - Education   Steven Corey-Bey, Chief Enterprise Architect and Chief Investment and Acquisition Management Team, IT Program Services, Office of the Chief Information Officer, U.S. Department of Education
    Walter McDonald, Director, IT Program Services, U.S. Department of Education
11:00am   Using Technology to Break Down Innovation Barriers in Government
Ben Butler, AWS   Ben Butler, Principal Business Development for Cloud Innovation Centers & Accelerators, AWS
11:30am   Using Microservices to Modernize and Future-Proof Government IT Systems
Andras Szakal, IBM   Andras Szakal, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, IBM U.S. Federal 
    Government talks about moving at the speed of business, but neither can match the speed of technology. How can agencies cost effectively modernize legacy, monolithic applications by taking advantage of private sector innovation? Microservices allow agencies to innovate without needing to completely refactor existing applications. When built on open source technologies, microservices enable the adoption of new technologies at scale, and maintain reliability and security without being locked-in to tomorrow’s legacy infrastructure. This session provides strategies and demonstrations of IBM’s microservices to help you modernize and futureproof your infrastructure.
12:00pm   Visit Exhibit Hall & Networking Lunch Break
1:15pm   How to be an Executive Leader in an Age of Exponential Technological Change
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio   Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio (Moderator)
Mark Andress, Navy   Mark D. Andress, Assistant Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare
Chris Chilbert, HHS   Chris Chilbert, CIO, Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General
Ron Thompson, USDA   Ron Thompson, Director of Information Technology and CIO, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Kevin Wince, DHS   Kevin A. Wince, Acting Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director for Enterprise Architecture, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Department of Homeland Security
2:00pm   Cyber Leadership: Balance Between Strategic and Tactical
    Greg Hall, Assistant Director and CISO, Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys, Department of Justice
George Jakabcin, Treasury   George Jakabcin, CIO, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, Department of the Treasury
Todd McKeever, NTIS   Todd McKeever, CISO, OCIO, National Technical Information Service, Department of Commerce, NTIS
Victor Robles, CISO for Analytics, Insider Threat, and Open Source Intelligence, Army G2(DAMI-IM)   Victor Robles, CISO for Analytics, Insider Threat and Open Source Intelligence, Army G2
2:45pm    Conference Concludes
3:00-4:30pm   6th annual 930gov Networking Reception
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