August 28, 2018

Conference: Knowledge, Information, and Data Management Conference @930gov - September 6, 2017 1





Canon    Conference: Knowledge, Information, and Data Management Conference @930gov - August 28, 2018
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7:30am   Registration Opens
8:15am   KM: The Hallmark of Strong Leadership
Jennifer Hawkins, Peace Corps   Jennifer Hawkins, Knowledge Program Manager, OCIO, Peace Corps
9:00am   How to Use Content Services to Modernize Your Enterprise
Laurence Hart, TeraThink   Laurence Hart, Director, TeraThink Corporation
    There has been a lot of hype around content services the past few years. Some organizations are looking past the hype and leveraging the approach to modernize how they serve constituents. Through the creation of business-specific services, they have been able to focus upon improving the user experience, delivering more efficient and reliable processes.

In this session, we’ll talk about how content services can provide a foundation for effectively managing information. Their use for federating content to seamlessly deliver needed information to users will be explored. Additionally, how content services can be used to gradually consolidate content into modern repositories, bringing into play advanced capabilities such as automated information governance and content analytics.

9:30am   Visit Exhibit Hall & Networking Break
10:15am   Digital Transformation – Business Process Automation: A Secure, Fast, Simple Solution
Rob Hardisty, ECM   Rob Hardisty, ECM Workflow Consultant, Vice President, Premier Solutions Hawaii
Christopher Rinehart, DoD   Christopher Rinehart, Knowledge Manager, Department of Defense
11:00am   Leverage Data Best Practices to Improve Organizational Performance and Accelerate Transformation
Caitlin Halferty, IBM   Caitlin Halferty, Client Engagement Executive and Chief of Staff, Global Chief Data Office, IBM
    It is almost paradoxical that agencies possessing incredible stores of unique data are often not prepared to take advantage of those valuable assets – resulting in negative or reduced ROI from the data, incorrect or biased decision making, and risk of potential compliance or security violations. Join us to learn the best approach to data that services the needs of the entire agency, enabling a truly data-driven culture that will ensure you can know your data, trust your data, and use your data effectively with these three core principles:
• Hybrid data management: provide all data-driven professionals the ability to easily collect, transform and store all the data assets in the enterprise.
• Unified governance: allow self-service access to trusted data for better and faster insights while maintaining the necessary controls
• Smarter data science and analytics: make it easy for everyone from analysts to data scientists to collaborate to discover and develop insights using all of the raw data sources across the enterprise with the tools and technologies they prefer.
11:30am   One Year – Twelve Sprints – Translating KM Strategy into Action
Shawn O'Rourke, OJAG   Shawn O’Rourke, Sr., Chief Knowledge Officer, Department of the Navy, Office of the Judge Advocate General (OJAG)
12:15pm   Visit Exhibit Hall & Networking Lunch Break
1:15pm   How to Make KM Smarter
Christopher Rinehart, DoD   Christopher Rinehart, Knowledge Manager, Department of Defense
Fadima Savadogo, IFC   Fadima Savadogo, Knowledge Management Officer, International Finance Corporation
Art Schlussel   Art Schlussel, Information and Knowledge Management Professional, Johnson & Johnson
2:00pm   Knowledge Café: How to Build a KM Program to Actual Implementation
John Hovell   John Hovell, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, STRATactical International
Tara Mohn, FSI   Tara Mohn, Senior Knowledge Management Specialist, School Professional & Area Studies, Foreign Service Institute, Department of State
3:00pm    Conference Concludes
3:00-4:30pm   6th annual 930gov Networking Reception