August 28, 2018

Conference: Records Management Conference @930gov - September 6, 2017 2








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7:30am   Registration Opens
8:00am   The Way Forward for Records, Data and Information Management
Carol Brock, Brock & Associates   Carol Brock, Principal, Brock & Associates (Moderator)
Laurence Brewer, NARA   Laurence Brewer, Chief Records Officer, National Archives and Records Administration
Dave Shonka, Redgrave LLP   David Shonka, Partner, Redgrave LLP
Sue Trombley, iron Mountain   Susan Trombley, Managing Director, Thought Leadership,  Iron Mountain Government Solutions
9:00am   From Burden to Opportunity: Leverage Compliance to Achieve Your Mission
Scott Buckles, IBM   Scott Buckles, Business Unit Executive – North America Business Analytics and Unified Governance, IBM
    Data governance was once considered a requirement for large, complex institutions and incorporated into the ‘cost of doing business’. Agencies that developed this capability into their foundation for digital transformation have used this capability to achieve their mission. This session contextualizes how to gain an analytics edge as you embrace compliance obligations—all while accelerating firm initiatives, innovation and competitive differentiation. Our speaker will share how to successfully pivot the use of regulations as value generators beyond compliance to create a win-win for your agency.
9:30am   Visit Exhibit Hall & Networking Break
10:15am   Records Management in Inspector General’s Office
Catherine Findlay, Commerce   Catherine Findlay, Records Officer, Office of Inspector General, Department of Commerce
Matthew Hebert, DOJ   Matthew Hebert, OIG Records Manager, Office of Internal Communications & Records (OICR), Management & Planning Division, Department of Justice 
Chris Langello   Chris Langello, Attorney and Counselor at Law
11:00am   Kill Your File Shares! Follow the Lifecycle of a File, from Analysis to Deletion
John Confrancesco, Active Navigation   John Cofrancesco, VP of Business Development, Active Navigation
    Unstructured data repositories, primarily file shares, create unnecessary cost & risk to any organization. From the expensive storage of Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial (ROT) files to the risk of sensitive information leakage, unstructured information repositories pose significant strains on organizations that must be reined in. Only with the implementation of automated file analysis software can any organization hope to efficiently manage their costs and risks, and finally, kill their file shares!
11:30am   New Directions in RM Training
Gary Rauchfuss, NARA   Gary Rauchfuss, Director of Records Management Training, National Archives and Records Administration 
12:00pm   Visit Exhibit Hall & Networking Lunch Break
1:30pm   Information Governance Best Practices and the Importance of Collaboration
Jason Stearns, Blackrock   Jason C. Stearns, Director, Legal & Compliance – Information Governance, BlackRock and ARMA International Board Member  
    Information Governance is a ‘super-discipline’ that is dependent on recognized best practices and collaboration across ‘sub-disciplines.’ Navigating these relationships to implement needed change is essential to successful IG programs and initiatives. This session explores the challenges and rewards of the IG journey.
    Professional Development Bonus Session
2:30pm   LinkedIn and GovCon: How LinkedIn Can Help You as a Government Employee or as a Contractor: Ten Tactics You Can Use Everyday
Mark Amtower   Mark Amtower, Author, Consultant, Speaker, LinkedIn Coach and Radio Host
3:15pm    Conference Concludes
3:15-4:30pm   6th annual 930gov Networking Reception