EDRM Conference - March 2022

19th annual

E-Discovery, Records & Information Management Virtual Conference

 March 31, 2022



As the volume of digital information continues to grow, the scope of electronic records management has expanded exponentially and is an increasingly critical issue for government agencies, particularly as it relates to providing secure storage, access and retrieval of government records.

Key government and industry experts will once again discuss current technology solutions/requirements, policy updates/changes and review examples of successful electronic records and e-discovery programs, in a virtual format. Registration is free.

2021 Educational advisory committee

Deborah Armentrout, CRM, Director, Corporate Records Management, NARA

Claire Barrett, Chief Privacy and Information Governance Officer, Department of Transportation

Catherine Findlay, Records Manager, Office of Inspector General, Department of Commerce and CIGIE Records Administration Group (CRAG) co-chair

Alan Groesbeck, Office of the General Counsel, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Omar Herran, Judicial Records Officer, Administrative Office, U.S. Courts and FIRM Council Chair

Synta Keeling, Attorney – Advisor, National Labor Relations Board

Glenn Melcher, Special Counsel for eDiscovery, Office of Enforcement, CFPB

Jeanette Plante, Director, Office of Records Management Policy, Department of Justice

Arian Ravanbakhsh, Supervisor, Records Management Policy and Program Support, NARA –

Paul Van Reed, Digitization Program Manager, Enterprise Records Management Division– East, EPA

Susan Sallaway, Records Officer, Office of Technology and Information Management, Federal Housing Finance Agency

Laurani Singh, Records Officer, OIG, Department of State

Netta Squires, Senior Law & Policy Analyst/Regional Planner, Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security


  • “Keep bringing the best ideas and speakers on Records Management wherever they may be found! It’s crucial that Federal Records Managers hear opinions and thoughts outside the RM community such as judges, data analysts/scientists/CDOs, etc.”
  • “I enjoyed that there were speakers with various backgrounds and each offered a unique perspective on Records Management. I normally come from a technical approach, but this Conference help me with the ‘why’ to my ‘what’.”
  • “The panel discussion was fantastic. Overall DGI did a great job of coordinating the virtual event. I would consider attending virtually in the future.”
  • “I liked the variety of topics and skill/knowledge of the speakers was impressive. I really enjoyed learning a lot of new concepts.”
  • “The atmosphere was very community-focused, all federal agencies are facing the same challenges, it was nice to talk as a group about ways to succeed in the management of electronic records.”
  • “The collaboration and expertise of different agencies in the government, the content and resources experts provided was great! I enjoyed hearing their personal stories. I look forward to attending the next one. I learned so much from the legal perspective and records management.”