Aligning Enterprise Architecture with Financial Management

July 27, 2021 | 2PM ET



In most organizations, you will often find a multitude of Management Disciplines:  Financial Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, Business Process Management, etc., all working diligently to oversee different aspects of the enterprise. But often these disciplines operate in a vacuum, as they are hobbled by lack of a robust integration mechanism for streamlining data sharing across their boundaries. Organizations need platforms that are “architected to integrate” to enable data-driven decision-making that leverages information across multiple disciplines.

This informative webinar will take a “deep-dive” into one of the most critical collaborations for informed decision-making: the partnership between Financial Management and Enterprise Architecture Management, facilitated by the integration between Apptio, a leading Financial Management platform, and the leading Enterprise Architecture platform, Alfabet.


Some of the highlights that will be discussed include:

  • Efficiencies achieved through Collaborative Enterprise Management (CEM)
  • Value of up-to-date financials associated to the enterprise architecture for complete impact analysis and highly targeted cost control and investment decisions
  • Robust and transparent interoperability between Apptio and Alfabet
  • The open and scalable nature of the CEM framework



Mark Steinbacher SAGMark Steinbacher, Senior Solutions Architect, Software AG Government Solutions





Karan Khurana SWAG


Karan Khurana, Senior Product Manager, Software AG






Software AG Government Solutions