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DGI is an unbiased media outlet which aggregates news stories from a variety of industry resources. Below you will find a collection of articles on essential government IT management topics. 

VA shakes up infosec ranks
Moves in the senior IT ranks at the Department of Veterans after CIO LaVerne Council exits will lead to success in modernizing the systems. Read the full article published on here.
Security in the cloud
Cloud computing and SaaS-based applications help organizations lower infrastructure costs, easily leverage new capabilities, and have increased support for customers. However, the cloud also has increased the complexity for IT security. Read the full article published on here.
After the award: How to make contracts deliver
Stemming from the notion that “all the value from contracting comes after the contract is awarded” it is essential that the performance of the contract measures up to high standards. Collaboration, communication and trust are three essential pillars to focus on for successful contract performance. Read the full article published
Does the U.S. have new clout over the global internet?
With the U.S.’s control of the internet architecture moved to a global, multi-stakeholder group, the federal goverenment now has a strengthened ability to help U.S. companies in their bid to obtain domain rights. Read the full article published on here.