Cloud Transformation: Speeding Innovation While Minimizing Resources

One Hour Duration




Cloud service transformation is becoming the new normal.  Government Cloud practitioners are increasingly asking themselves, how do we speed up time to innovation?  How can we do more with less? How can we transform now to meet future agency demands?


Through industry partnerships between Amazon, Red Hat and GitHub, the group is offering impactful, real-life, implementable solutions to these ubiquitous problems.  The groups’ collective ability to continually innovate on behalf of their government customers is driven by their own adoption of a DevOps model. This one-hour online session will demystify the discipline of DevOps, using lessons learned from practical, first-hand experience.


Register Today to learn about:

  1. Cloud services that support an OpenShift Container Platform deployment enabling transformational benefits from day one
  2. How public-sector customers are using government-specific Cloud Regions to deliver high-impact application transformations on an enterprise level
  3. How the OpenShift Container Platform and an automated software provisioning/application deployment program are the service-modernization fabric through which industry and government can securely implement a DevOps culture – underpinned by reuse, collaboration, and orchestrated automation

Subject Matter Experts & Presenters Include

Eric Baran, AWS Eric Baran, Partner Development Manager, AWS
Webinar: Cloud Transformation: Speeding Innovation While Minimizing Resources 1 Jamie Jones,  Solutions Architect, GitHub
Webinar: Cloud Transformation: Speeding Innovation While Minimizing Resources Phil Osip, Solutions Architect, Red Hat





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