Hybrid Cloud Best Practices

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Jun 06 2024
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Virtual Workshop

Hybrid cloud strategy allows agencies to determine which applications and data should reside on which areas of a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Simply, hybrid cloud defines what goes on public cloud infrastructure, and what goes on private cloud infrastructure.

A hybrid cloud platform provides agencies many advantages to include greater flexibility, more deployment options, security, compliance, and ability to derive more value from existing infrastructure. This virtual workshop will share a few examples of successful hybrid cloud deployments and associated lessons learned to include:

  • Tips for securing hybrid cloud environments
  • Implementation best practices
  • Understanding common risks
  • Compatibility between legacy applications and new services


The U.S. Census Bureau’s Cloud Journey

Gregg Bailey

Dr. Gregg (Skip) Bailey
Deputy Chief Information Officer, U.S. Census Bureau

  • CPE CREDITS: 2.0

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  • Attend the entire program
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