Event Recap: Improving Public Sector Customer Experience

Improving Public Sector Customer Experience

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Each year, DGI dedicates a virtual conference to the customer experience (CX) of government agencies, which also happens to be the 2nd of the President’s Management Agenda’s three top priorities on “Delivering excellent, equitable, and secure federal services and customer experience.” To improve the citizen experience, Christopher Novak with Red Hat says that “We need to make sure that we have uninterrupted services, rapid response times, secure and flawless infrastructure.” One solution is to use e-Discovery platforms which, according to Alex Moy with Relativity address “digital information and legal proceedings that include government investigations, litigation and Freedom of Information Act requests.” In this case, e-Discovery software enables “legal professionals at government agencies to do their work faster with the highest level of accuracy, security and privacy.” Now, 23 years into showcasing critical topics related to CX, agency leaders and service providers speak in greater detail about the following:

  • How to better understand customers by building their personas and journeys
  • 8 steps of Harmon’s User Design Model
  • e-Discovery: How AI, cloud, and data are changing government agency IT and improving its CX
  • Bridging the gap between traditional and modern workflows
  • The difference between creating a simple vs. an easy solution
  • The value of focusing on reliability and usability vs. meeting deadlines
  • Advice for teams who are trying to educate themselves on e-Discovery
  • How USAID transformed their web platform
  • The role of culture in USAID’s CX journey
  • Challenges of working with partnership organizations around the world

Sponsors: Red Hat, Relativity One, and TD Synnex

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