Event Recap: Zero Trust: The Fundamentals

Zero Trust: The Fundamentals

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As government agencies continue to move from premise-based systems to cloud-based technology, “cost and usability” are primary reasons why the adoption of modernization “mandates are taking so long,” said Amy Hamilton, Sr. Security Advisor with the Dept. of Energy. With the challenge of implementation, there is also an increased need for Zero Trust technology because of the “biggest problem facing security today,” which Don with DLT Solutions cited as “the disappearing of the ‘moat and castle’ parameter,” accelerated by the pandemic and shift to remote working. How do we address this as agencies? David Higgins, Sr. Director of CyberArk recommended “addressing identity and authorization to ensure the right users are getting the right level of access for the right period of time.” Other topics addressed in DGI’s virtual workshop on Zero Trust Fundamentals included:

  • moving from Defense in Depth to Zero Trust (ZT)
  • case study of DoD, the world’s largest workforce going remote and how they operate as a ZT organization
  • why ZT starts with indemnity and security
  • why organizations are resistant to ZT
  • where and how to focus ZT initiatives
  • six ZT tactical recommendations
  • primary protection surfaces
  • which standards-based documentation to use
  • how the Dept. of Energy integrated the five pillars on their ZT journey (Network, Devices, Identity, Data, and Applications)

Special thanks to sponsors: CyberArk and DLT, A TD SYNNEX Company

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