Zero Trust: The Fundamentals

Event Recap: Zero Trust: The Fundamentals

WATCH ON DEMAND VIDEO Share this post LinkedIn Facebook Twitter “You must operate under the presumption that your trusted partner’s network is already compromised,” said Darryn Graham with Software AG Government Solutions. Confluent’s Andrew Jacob added, “you can’t verify and protect what you can’t see.” With that said, government agencies are looking to Zero Trust cyber security to require all users, whether in or outside an agency’s network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated before getting or maintaining access …

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The Benefits of Low Code

Event Recap: The Benefits of Low Code

WATCH ON DEMAND VIDEO Share this post LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Low code enables government agencies to “democratize development,” said Bob Jeffcott of Software AG. “It increases task efficiency, automating manual tasks, ensuring things don’t fall through the cracks.” Using low code platforms also “allows agencies to communicate faster, both internally and externally…enabling them to deliver services to their citizens and constituents faster and more efficiently.” Low code is defined as a software development approach that requires little to no coding …

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