Modernizing Information Governance

Event Recap: Modernizing Information Governance

WATCH ON DEMAND VIDEO Share this post LinkedIn Facebook Twitter “In today’s world where a global event can suddenly shift, what data is needed for informed decision-making,” asked Kevin Bohan of Denodo Technologies?” He added, “three key areas that government agencies want to focus on around data management are leveraging data as an asset, modernizing infrastructure, such as integrating the cloud and protecting information.” Ray Davis of Feith Systems expanded on this when he said, “Information Governance and AI are …

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Cyber-software supply chain

Event Recap: Securing the Cyber/Software Supply Chain

WATCH ON DEMAND VIDEO Share this post LinkedIn Facebook Twitter With the pressure for government agencies to meet the mandate on Software Supply Chain Security Guidance, it’s important to understand why it matters. Bryant Schuck with Checkmarx starts with a definition that “a software supply chain obviously draws strong parallels to the traditional supply chain.” The difference with software requires focus on securing “anything between the process and components you use to build your applications…from development to deployment.” Michael Epley …

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DevSecOps title slide

Event Recap: DevSecOps 2023 – What’s New

WATCH ON DEMAND VIDEO Share this post LinkedIn Facebook Twitter The basic definition of DevSecOps is a development process that integrates security at each stage of the software development life cycle or SDLC. As Timothy Chick from Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute said however, it’s also “a cultural thing, a collaboration. There are people, processes and tools, and a coupling of different priorities and different interests. The goal of a successful DevSecOps operation, according to Derrick Curtis with the …

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